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Book Review – Keep You Close by Karen Cleveland #BookReview #BookBlogger #thriller

This book was the perfect thrill-a-minute. Having read another book by author Karen Cleveland, I was quite eager to get into this one. And the thriller did not disappoint.

Steph, an FBI agent, found something dangerous in her son’s wardrobe and that started the cycle of her investigation moving back and forth between her past suspects and present. This was an action packed story which did not allow me to breathe deeply or take a minute’s rest from the beginning to the end.

Steph as the main character was the lone ranger, and her intelligence was faster than most till she found herself surrounded by a group with higher-ups who wouldn’t allow her to escape till they owned her completely. The entire story moved on Steph wanting to help her son and keep him close to her.

Karen’s writing moves liked the pieces of chess, each was well detailed and ruthless. The villains knew how to ensnare their prey which made this an exciting read. I didn’t like the main character, she snapped at her family and pushed them even when she needed them, didn’t feel she was a good mother, but a brilliant agent.

Fast pace and the moves if the villain made this a fantastic read for me. Will Steph ever be able to protect her son and keep him close?

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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A strange sensation runs through me, a feeling that I don’t know this person in front of me, even though he matters more to me than anyone ever has, than anyone ever will.

You go into your son’s bedroom. It’s the usual mess. You tidy up some dirty plates, pick up some clothes, open the wardrobe to put them away.
And that’s when you find it. Something so shocking it doesn’t seem real.
And you realize a horrifying truth…
Your own son might be dangerous.

Publication Date: 16th June 2019

Publisher: Transworld

26 thoughts on “Book Review – Keep You Close by Karen Cleveland #BookReview #BookBlogger #thriller Leave a comment

  1. I wish I could write a thriller. Not sure if I could pull it off, though. 😬 It’s so much easier to imagine a scene in your head than it is to make it come to life on the page. And even harder to keep a reader’s attention for an entire story…ah, the joys of writing. Haha. This looks really good and your review makes me want to check it out. Thanks for sharing, Shalini! 😀 Happy Monday!

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  2. I enjoyed this one too, Shalini! The ending makes me wonder how her next book will tie in even if it’s a standalone since I just read her 1st book this month and realized characters from it played such a pivotal role in this one. Fabulous review!

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  3. Another great review Shalini. I have read so many wonderful reviews on this book, I have added it to my TBR, but don’t have a copy yet. Sounds like a book that would grip me.


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