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Book Review – An Eye For A Lie by Cy Wyss @CyWyss @partnersincr1me #BookReview #BlogTour #policeprocedural

Many thanks to Wendy and Gina and Partners in Crime Tours for my spot on this Blog Tour

I love police procedurals which has a bit of sci-fi in it. Luke has a cybernetic eye which could see more than a human eye and a titanium skull. A human lie detector was he, and nobody can escape his laser eye.

A shooting gone wrong where the perp involved in dark deeds died, but the entire shooting was rigged to show as if Luke had killed an unarmed man about to surrender. Then entered Special Agent Vessa Drake who was called to investigate the entire situation. And together they discovered darker plots more than what one could imagine.

My first book by Cy Wyss was a thrilling drive where the story took so many unexpected turns that my mind reeled. The author cast doubts on so many people in turns that it was difficult for me to guess who could have been the mastermind of it all. But our gal Vessa was highly intelligent and intuitive. She searched the data and used all the resources available to her to find the lone thread which would unravel the plot. And oh my. The dirt she gathered on everyone was unbelievable. Wow

But halfway down the book, my niggles popped up. The plot took some wild turns and the meandered. But it still made the book an interesting read.

There was humor intermingled with the investigation. A friendly banter, a best friend, and a team which had your back – what more would I want from my police procedural?

I received a free digital copy of the book from the author and Partners in crime Tours, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Cy Wyss writes mysteries, including the popular series Eyeshine, about a photojournalist who turns into a cat nightly. Cy studied mathematics and English literature, eventually gaining her PhD in Computer Science. In her daily life she writes a ton of SQL, which could be seen as poetry — of a sort. Cy jealously guards writing time and has been self-published since 2012.




Inspector Lukas Richter is a San Francisco police detective with a cybernetic eye and heightened senses. Out of a dark and obscure past, he is the future of urban warfare: smarter and faster than his colleagues and more perceptive than a polygraph. If you’re guilty, he’ll see it.

In An Eye for a Lie, Richter’s first full-length novel, he is accused of cold-blooded murder when a firearms analysis confirms his gun as the murder weapon. In the background, the city is aflame over Richter’s shooting of an unarmed man, an incident some are calling “the Asian Ferguson.” Has Richter gone rogue? Or, is his insanity an unintentional side-effect of his augmentations?

Publication Date: 22nd May 2019

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

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