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Book Review – Thicker Than Water and Sea of Lies by Rachel McLean @rachelmcwrites @rararesources #BookReview #BookBlogger #dystopian

Floods has destroyed the country, and Jess Ryder along with her brother Ben and his wife Ruth and children and a group of survivors joined together to form a small community of refugees on the North Yorkshire coast. Answering a SOS from the sea, Jess, the acting steward, rescued 3 men and gave them shelter. The very next day, 4 women including Ruth had disappeared. The men had kidnapped them. The entire book revolved on their rescue.

My first book by Rachel McLean, I could devour it over a few hours. The writing made me imagine how such a dystopian world would be where there was no antibiotics. It felt like the beginning of life even when most had lived a fast paced technology filled lives, and here they had nothing. Quite scary!

The characters were varied, there were many good characters but the villain had his own dark aura cast on the story. He was quite creepy and lecherous. Amongst all the kidnappers, the author managed to cast a ray of hope with a character called Martin.

My niggles too started swimming toward me, the initial half post kidnapping was only filled with the governing council talking. The latter half was action filled and with short chapters it was a fast read.

Overall a fun read!

Book 2 was the story following the rescue where a kidnapper proved innocent, Martin, came back to the refugee Village along with the women. One of the girls Sarah had a confusing love hate relationship with him. The outside world made its trickling presence felt with the police investigating the death of the main kidnapper and probably a couple of old murders.

My second book by Rachel McLean, this was a slower paced that the previous one. This book had more emotions where Sarah was confused about her feelings. There was also domestic abuse heaped by by her father shown. Her mother’s submissive nature and acceptance of physical abuse was a little difficult to get around. The number of times Sarah left home and came back felt repetitive.

The murder investigation along with other twists kept my interest going. Overall a good read, but I preferred book 1 and book 3.

I received free digital copies of both the books from Rachel and author Rachel McLean, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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  1. Interesting reviews. I don’t read much in the way of dystopian tales, but imagining a world like that does make you appreciate what we have. As the author shows, however, human nature is the same regardless of the setting.

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