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Book Review – The Darkest Lullaby by Jonathan Janz @flametreepress @annecater #BookReview #BlogTour #horror

Many thanks to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for my spot on this Blog Tour.

Having read a couple of Jonathan Janz books, I knew I was in for a proper scare. The book did not disappoint with cults, demonic realms, and vampirism and immortality.

Chris had inherited a remote house and land around it from Aunt Lillith, while Ellie was not keen on moving. (The house was painted in black with black walls. I wouldn’t want to move too.) Ellie became pregnant and soon got to know what really had happened to Lillith in the clearing near the house.

A good roller coaster scary ride, this book had all the expected bells and whistles that I would expect from a Janz book. His introduction to evil was insidious, the horror slowly enveloping the story with its darkness. I could literally feel the skies growing darker, the blood creeping into the crevices as the story unfurled.

The pace was swift, malevolence of the spirits mounting higher with each part of the story. My niggles too moved in; the story didn’t appear cohesive, characters transformed to evil abruptly. Too many scary scenes bogged the flow down.

Overall, a fun story during my evening tea. A twilight read.

I received a free ARC from Anne, NetGalley, and publisher Flame Tree Press, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

All my reviews can be read here

Jonathan Janz grew up between a dark forest and a graveyard, which explains everything. Brian Keene named his debut novel The Sorrows “the best horror novel of 2012.”

His novel Children of the Dark received a starred review in Booklist and was chosen by their board as one of the Top Ten Horror Books of the Year (August 2015-September 2016). Children of the Dark will soon be translated into German and has been championed by the Library Journal, the School Library Journal, and Cemetery Dance. In early 2017, his novel Exorcist Falls was released to critical acclaim.

Jonathan’s primary interests are his wonderful wife and his three amazing children, and though he realizes that every author’s wife and children are wonderful and amazing, in this case the cliche happens to be true.






The old house waited. For years there had been rumors that the owner, Lilith Martin, had been part of an unholy cult. People spoke of blasphemous rituals, black rites filled with blood, sex…and sacrifices. Then Lilith died and the house sat empty. Until now.

Lilith’s nephew, Chris, and his wife, Ellie, are moving in. Ellie isn’t happy about living in such a dark, foreboding place, but she wants to get pregnant and this house has a lot more room to raise a baby than their apartment. Unfortunately, she and Chris will soon learn that Lilith has other plans.

Publication Date: 22nd August 2019

Publisher: Flame Tree Press

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  1. “I could literally feel the skies growing darker, the blood creeping into the crevices as the story unfurled” I really loved that sentence in your review! 😘 Sounds like a seriously creepy, but fun book alright (something I usually love quite a lot!

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