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Book Review – Starchild – The Age of Akra by Vacen Taylor @rararesources #BookReview #BlogTour #fantasy

Many thanks to Rachel and Rachel’s Random Resources for my spot on this Blog Tour.

This was the most different of all reads. The book started with a bang where the author plonked me right in the middle of action, and I had to scamper hard to understand the things happening around me.

Mai was selected to train under the elemental master Sah Dohba, and she had to undertake a pilgrimage to the Valley of a Thousand Thoughts. On the way with her chaperone brother Long, she met up with the Starchild Akra, sealer and oracle Sahib, and creatures of the dark, modified serpents and spiders and a being of the underworld Dementra. They were varied and most were dangerous.

My first book by author Vacen Taylor had a brilliant worldbuilding where the desert showed me all the dangers and the way the 3 characters dealt with them. Magic and control of elements were fine tuned, and Akra rose up to the task handed to him.

The author did not leave anything halfway. I was pushed into the story and the door slammed shut with the power of his words. The author’s imagination kept me spellbound through the length of the book.

The action was non stop almost pitching at me with the speed of light, the characters grew up and so did their powers, and it was pure fun to see them conjuring up the most amazing magic.

Prophecy and mysticism, fun and danger, laughter and fear, along with unimaginable creatures made this book the age of courage. All three of them especially Mia showed bravery and kindness in a land where that was in shortage.

At 142 pages, the book was crammed with all things dark and fun where each moment showed the shadowy footstepsof danger, left in the sands of time as Mia, Long, and Akra traversed through them. Quite a heart pounding read!!

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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The foreshadowing of a dark future threatens the seven nations of Sahas. Mai is selected to train with the mysterious elemental master Sah Dohba, who will prepare her to become the protector of the desert lands. Her brother Long steps forward to travel with her as her chaperone to the Valley of a Thousand Thoughts.

A mysterious encounter brings them together with Akra, the Starchild. The trio travels on into a battle with the elements. Sandstorms. Deadly creatures. Starvation. Then a chance meeting with powerful earthfollower sets them on a new path where they must each find the strength to face a terrifying foe from the Underworld.

Publication Date: 8th March 2013

Publisher: Odessey Books

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