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Book Review – Christmas in Little Penhaven by Angela Britnell @AngelaBritnell @ChocLituk #BookReview #BookBlogger #romance

Another fabulous love story.

I loved this book as the story was delightful, filled with characters who were real. They had experienced life and the pain that came along with it. Hal had left America and was in Little Penhaven to escape his past. Jane was a budding author whom Hal came to know well. Her life story made him realize his and gave him the right direction.

My first book by author Angela Britnell, I was quite blown away by the magic of the writing. The story captivated me, it spoke to me. I could understand their pain. It was wonderful to see both the main characters complement and help each other to traverse through their pain.

Christmas cheer slowly worked its magic down the pages, and I could feel the hearts of the characters become lighter as they started trusting each other. Their emotions felt honest. The book worked its magic on me as I read Hal and Jane’s story well into the night.

Some books just speak to you. This one did, to me. A beautiful read. Loved it

I received a free ARC from Liz and publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Wannabe author Jane Solomon is expecting an uneventful Christmas in her Cornish village of Little Penhaven.
But then super fit American gym owner Hal Muir comes to town, and suddenly the holiday season looks set to be far more interesting. Hal is keen on embracing every British tradition on offer, from mince pies to Christmas pub quizzes – and perhaps some festive romance too …

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