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Book Review – All The Silent Voices by Elena Mikalsen @WF_writerEM @suzyapbooktours #BookReview #BlogTour #contemporary

Many thanks to Suzanne and Suzy Approved Book Tours for my spot on this Blog Tour.

Elena Mikalsen is a wonderful author whose words had the power to evoke strong feelings in me. Each of them were felt keenly in my core, the one that demanded to be respected as a human.

Emma had been raped and beaten and left for dead in college. Years later, she had a loving family and a great job as the marketing head of a pharmaceutical company. But suddenly, her company was being merged with another whose head was her rapist. And all the old feelings of helplessness, anger, and revenge came back in a rush.

My second book by this author, and believe me, the feeling of anger rose like a tidal wave as the author unfurled the story. Empathy for the main character and wanting to hug her was the foremost in my mind. I could understand and agree with Emma when she plotted her revenge. #MeToo had taken hold in the world, and women from all over were speaking out.

The writing was etched the characters in a relatable manner. The twists were fast and some of them made me gasp. How could people be so ruthless, I wondered. At one point, I wanted to annihilate them all as the events of the past were revealed. 2 niggles made the book go slow. The pharmaceutical company and FDA workings, being a doc, I already knew all that. And the ending could have been sharper. But they were minor points in a book which was so valid at this day and age.

An emotive read, well befitting the caliber of the author whose writing was careful and detailed without becoming graphic, where emotions had a strong foothold and the need to make the man pay was the only focus. It was quite a rollercoaster of a ride.

I received a free ARC from Suzy and the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Twenty-one years ago, Emma Shephard was sexually assaulted and forced to leave college. She has tried to forget the trauma, building a new life as a loving wife and parent with a successful marketing career. Then her world is rocked when her rapist buys the pharmaceutical company where she works.

Now it’s an impossible choice between keeping the safe life she’s created and pursuing justice. With her marriage at risk and her child in danger, Emma finds herself at the center of ugly secrets and scandals.

Publication Date: January 2020

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    • Oooh she found out something worse than that… The highest betrayal…. It was one thing after another.
      The man said she was asking for it…. I was sooooo 😡


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