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Book Review – M For Murder by Keri Beevis @keribeevis @Bloodhoundbook #BookReview #BookBlast #thriller

Many thanks to publisher Bloodhound Books for my spot on this Blog Tour.

A serial killer Rodney Boone who marked his victims with a letter was supposedly dead. Murders,l occurred years later, with the alphabet marking, was it a copycat in the making or was Rodney really dead? It took a spunky cop Rebecca Angell helping the FBI to get to the truth.

My second book by author Keri Beevis, this was a spooky read with a sadistic killer completing or continuing the work of the original one. Ms. Beevis’s writing painted a haunting picture which left me grappling with the puzzle that these murders were. The characters were varied, some of them quite sexist, but that showed the circumstances of the year in which the book was set in.

The story raced on with each page, the tension in the scenes tightening the noose around me. The subplots were seamless, and they kept me guessing right up to the end. The author knew how to keep me hooked to the story. I thought I could play detective, but half way down, I left the analysis, and just enjoyed the ride to creepy town of the Killer.

Couldn’t you guess, it was a fun read…

I received a free ARC from the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

All my reviews can be read here

Twenty-Six Letters. But only one Killer?

In 1989 the Alphabet Killer, Professor Rodney Boone, murdered eight students. The victims, ‘A’ to ‘H’, were each found with their surname initial carved into their neck. Victim nine narrowly escaped and the murderer was left to burn to death.

Eight years later and rookie police officer, Rebecca Angell, is thrown headlong into assisting a murder investigation. A body is found floating in the sewer, bearing the initial ‘J’. The investigators are convinced they are dealing with a copycat killer, but Boone’s body was never recovered…

As Angell scrambles to uncover the truth, the body count continues to rise, and it soon becomes apparent that the killer is intent on completing the alphabet…

Publication Date: February 2020

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