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Book Review – Trust by Lisa Sell @LisaLisax31 @Bloodhoundbook #BookReview #BookBlast #suspense

Many thanks to publisher Bloodhound for my spot on this Blog Tour.

The book started off with a bang – discovery of a suitcase with bones inside, dug out from the bowels of earth. It was of a child Tamsin who had disappeared years ago, where the main character Sarah had been fostered. Her best friend Lily started investigating.

My first book by author Lisa Sell, the story was told in dual POV of Sarah and woman called Red. The road of the investigation was winding but filled with repeated stumbles of twists and turns. I could feel the fury of the character Red wanting her revenge. Her motives fueled the story further into the darkness. The author’s writing brought out the character’s obsessiveness.

My attention had the tunnel vision, focusing only on the book. It was fun to see the young ladies getting to the truth, unmasking every layer of the lies cautiously. There was a lot of family bonding. Secrets are hurtful when revealed. That held true for this family. Each character had something hidden in the past.

Short chapters made this a fast read, suspense made it more thrilling, the end reveal was twisted enough to make me laugh in glee.

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Everyone makes mistakes. Not everyone deserves a second chance.

Sarah Jessop has a troubled past. Born to drug addict parents, she was fostered and then adopted as a child.

Now an adult, and a doctor, Sarah finds herself looking into the murder of her foster sister, Tamsin, a little girl who disappeared in 1992, and whose body has recently been discovered.

As Sarah gets closer to the truth, the killer will stop at nothing to protect themself and dispose of anyone who gets in their way.

Caught in the killer’s web of deceit, who can Sarah trust?

Publication Date: March 2020

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