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Book Review – Am I The Killer by Dan Petrosini @JazzyWine @BOTBSPublicity #BookReview #BlogTour #policeprocedural

Many thanks to Sarah and BOTBS Publicity for my spot on this Blog Tour.

I was convinced after reading the book that nothing bad could happen to you if you had DI Frank Luca at your corner.

Peter was a war veteran who had a traumatic brain injury and complications post injury. His memory was haywire, and most times, he remembered nothing of the recent past. His mate Billy was killed, and Peter was accused. The politics higher up were eager to pin it on him, but Luca wanted to investigate in depth.

My first book by author Dan Petrosini, I loved, loved, loved Luca. He breathed life into the story, thanks to the author, else it would have been just another police procedural. My excitement knew no bounds in the scenes with Luca in it. The pages turned fast even when I wanted to savor moments of his investigation. (He did have a babe, but my new obsession didn’t allow me to read her parts)

His support of the underdog and his determination worked wonders for the book. Past shadowed the present, but that lit the fire in him. I loved when he spoke with a conviction. The characters were quite varied in the story, the author really etched them well. For me, this was the first time when a TBI patient had been accused of murder in a police procedural, and I kept wondering about the truth as it was so difficult to decipher the clues.

I found the book to be fast paced – was it because of my crush on Luca, I wondered? Nevertheless, all that made it an interesting read. Luca and his author Dan Petrosini simply made the book super-fun.

P. S. I really wanted to say my heart thudded for Luca and much more. But Sarah would assume I had converted this book to be my private erotica… Rest assured, I did remember it was a police investigation, and Luca was my book boyfriend. Now I need real life crushes… 😂 😂

I received a free ARC from Sarah and the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

All my reviews can be read here

Is it really possible not to remember killing someone? Peter, a brain-injured veteran with a motive, is arrested for murder. The victim bullied Peter throughout his youth, and, on the night of the murder, he discovered the bully stole his fianceé while Peter served overseas.
Detective Luca leads the investigation but believes the marine’s inability to recall events on the fateful night are injury related and not an attempt by Peter to hide the truth.

As political pressure to solve the case rises, Luca pursues other leads but evidence points at Peter. Even his brother, Vinny, who dropped everything to help his injured brother recover, begins to question Peter’s guilt.
Peter’s lawyers, faced with a client either unwilling or unable to assist in his own defense, recommend he cop a plea. Frustrated, Luca attempts to move on but is haunted by an old case that fuels his obsession to determine the truth about what happened that night.

Publication Date: November 2019

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  1. This sounds like an interesting premise, your review was just as interesting 😉 I wish I knew how you do that so I could be just like you!

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    • What? You are the queen of reviews. My true inspiration. I love all your reviews and your vocabulary is super fab… Don’t tell anyone some days I want to check if my skull is in my derriere

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