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Book Review – Girl, Lost by Vikki Patis @VikiPatis @Bloodhoundbook #BookReview #BookBlast #suspense

Many thanks to publisher Bloodhound Books for my spot on this Blog Tour.

Happy Publication Day!!


OH my, a brilliant book which made me hold my breath in the last few pages as the secrets were revealed. Author Vikki Patis has written a fantastic thriller, a domestic noir, if you will, which kept me on tenderhooks from the beginning to end. The suspense was thrilling, there were times I couldn’t sit still due to the adrenaline coursing through me.

Twins Freya and Imogen and next door neighbor Emily were the best of friends who planned to travel the world together until Freya disappeared, then three days later, so did Emily. Now after 5 years, Emily came back with her daughter Ella in tow, but Freya was still missing. Imogen, who went searching for her twin all over the world, returned home to understand what happened to Freya.

The author had outdone herself with this book. It was addictive, it was captivating. It pulled me in as if we were joined together with an invisible thread. The intensity in the scenes was raised one page at a time until it exploded. The writing was so fantastic that I forgot the space and time I was in. I just wanted to get to the truth of the best friends.

This was one of the book, in the recent times, where I felt a craving need to read the ending when I got midway down the book. It took extreme self-control to restrain myself and read it sequentially. That itch never went away. Only with the absolute heart-in-the-mouth ending was I truly satisfied. The words chosen by the author electrified me and kept me longing for more.

The best work by author Vikki Patis. I loved it.

I received a free ARC from the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

All my reviews can be read here

I was never missing. I just didn’t want to be found.
On a bright summer’s day in 2013, Freya Rivers disappears, leaving twin sister Imogen behind. Did Freya leave to travel alone without telling anyone?

When friend Emily also disappears three days later, Imogen knows there’s something dark lurking beneath the surface.

Five years later, Imogen is living in Australia, having searched the world for her sister. So, when her mother calls, she knows it’s time to return home.

Because Emily is back. And she has a child with her.

Where has Emily been and why did she disappear?

Does she know Freya’s whereabouts?

Imogen is desperate to uncover the truth about her twin and the truth is closer to home than she ever imagined…

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    • Omg you want in on bloodhound books? I contacted them directly asking to be taken in their tours. A monthly mail of all their books I get and I can decide which books I wanna review on publication day

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  1. I know that itch! Lol. When you just feel like you have to have to must flip quickly to the end…. just to know! Lol. I’ve given in once before. Hahaha. I’m usually really good and controlled but in that book I just had to. So glad you enjoyed this bit of escapism.

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