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Book Review – The View From Here by Hannah McKinnon #BookReview #BookBlogger #contemporary

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A fun beach read

My Review

Author Hannah McKinnon wrote a wonderful heartwarming, yet filled with secrets, story. My first foray into this talented author’s work brought loads of happiness as this family drama occupied my afternoon.

The Goodwin family was supportive and friendly with 97-year-old Nana and parents and 3 siblings. But secrets abounded in their life. It took one catastrophe on a lazy summer afternoon to have the worms crawling everywhere.

This was an easy beach read where the words brought the smell of the summery winds right into my kindle. The characters were distinct with their own problems. The story went the easy way initially with the usual banter between the siblings.

The catastrophe changed the dynamics in the family and brought those secrets out one by one. That made the book quite a fun read. Short chapters with vivid characters and loads of drama within the family made it entertaining. I loved watching the scenes unfurl giving me a strange voyeuristic joy.

Overall, it was a delightful afternoon spent with kindle on bed.

My Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Book Blurb

Siblings Perry, Jack, and Phoebe Goodwin were raised on the shore of a beautiful Connecticut lake in a close-knit family. The eldest of the family, forty-two-year-old Perry has long craved order as surely as his charismatic younger brother, Jack, has avoided it. Phoebe, their baby sister, courts both. As adults the Goodwins could not be more different. Perry is as married to his career in New York as a risk analyst as Phoebe is to her college sweetheart, but both have returned to Connecticut to raise their young families. Charismatic middle child Jack, however, has spent his years living away and working odd jobs, unable to settle. The three have not spent much time together…until this summer. On the afternoon of their grandmother’s 97th nirthday party, the siblings reunite at the lake house where Jack stuns the family with a stranger on his arm and an announcement.

Olivia Cossette, daughter of a French chef, does not share the Goodwin’s traditional New England upbringing or sense of family. What she does share is parenthood, as the single mother of a little girl who does not speak. While the Goodwins struggle to welcome the newcomers over the course of the summer, a series of bad choices made by each family member finally unravels, leaving them all to question just what truly makes a family.

Can one fateful moment on a July afternoon undo a lifetime of good intentions? Only one thing is for certain—this extraordinary summer has irrevocably changed the Goodwin family and all that remains is the uncertain future.

Book Details

Publication Date: June 2020

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