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Book Review – You Never See Rainbows at Christmas by Elaine Spires #BookReview #BookBlogger #contemporary

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This was one of the most beautiful books, absolutely perfect for Christmas. Author Elaine Spires healed the slivers of my heart for a couple of hours with the love she poured into her characters.

Two lonely beings on Christmas eve, both bedraggled by the strength of life’s adversities, found themselves drifting toward each other by the magic of the Christmas spirit. Eloise was heartbroken and Adam was homeless.

A late-night shopping expedition led to a bruised ankle with Adam helping her home and receiving the kindness back. Romance soon sprinkled on them, but the past made its foray into their lives, threatening to plunge them into darkness.

There was a spark in both the characters, though I drifted more toward Adam as he had that air of genuineness. I found him acting remarkably given the circumstances. And the secret revealed at the end made me love him even more. Oh, how we never seem to meet Adam in real life. I would have married him in a jiffy. Ok, not in a jiffy since he was homeless.

Eloise’s large heart of trust had led to her downfall many times in the past. I would have loved her to become a bit more streetsmart, but luckily the magic of Christmas guided her.

The chemistry between them not only had a touch of lust but there was something magical too. It felt as if the hand of destiny was bringing the two lonely hearts together. They complemented each other. The writing made me aware of how much I too wanted that.

This was purely a feel-good story which only helped to reinforce the power of love and goodwill. And I was sure that I too could see the rainbows at Christmas.


Rating: 5 out of 5.





Like a rhinestone Miss Havisham, Eloise plans to spend Christmas alone, lying on the settee, crying her eyes out while listening to Dolly Parton’s Greatest Hits. But a fall in the sleet two nights before Christmas lands her at the feet of rough sleeper Adam who is fighting his own demons. Limping, cut and bruised she has no alternative but to accept his offer of help. And instead of rejection, there’s friendship and company. Christmas suddenly seems brighter. Eloise’s never seen a rainbow at Christmas, though. This year might be different.


Publication Date: December 2020

I downloaded the digital version of the book from Kindle Unlimited, and this is my journey down its pages, straight from the heart. STRICTLY HONEST and UNBIASED.

All my reviews can be found here.

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