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Book Review – The Kensington Kidnap by Katie Gayle @bookouture #BookReview #BookBlogger #mystery

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Desperate for a job and a case of mistaken identity while applying for a temp job made Pip an amateur sleuth in charge of a case of a missing son of multi-millionaires.

Bordering on cozy and a tiny amount of chic-lit, I enjoyed following Pip on her shenanigans. Author Katie Gayle etched out a well rounded character, entrenched in the love of her mother and sister, exasperated by them too, the story had her following the various leads in cults and social media influencers.

Many secrets in the various groups had her taking risks, but the author managed to find an escape route for her. The first book in a light crime mystery series, Pip soon endeared herself to me as I scrolled down the pages. The mystery was intriguing, and I enjoyed the hilarious moments with her sister, Flis. I especially liked Jimmy, an instructor in the gym, who stuck himself to her side to help her with the investigation.

Relentless and determined, the nosey parker did lead herself to a dark finale. Though not my genre, it sure was fun to read her capers as she went undercover on a false identity. A terrific mood-uplifter after intense thrillers.


Rating: 4 out of 5.





A missing teenager, a mysterious cult and a case of mistaken identity – just another day’s work for Epiphany Bloom.

Epiphany ‘Pip’ Bloom is down on her luck. She can barely afford cat food, and just because Most has three legs doesn’t mean he eats any less. So she absolutely can’t afford to mess up her latest temp job. But when she walks through the door of the private investigation firm, her new boss mistakes her for a missing persons expert. He then charges her with finding Matty Price – the teenage son of two A-list celebrities – who has mysteriously disappeared from his home in Kensington.

It ought to be a disaster, but Pip reckons it’s actually an opportunity. She’s always been curious (nosy, her mother calls it) and has an uncanny knack for being at the wrong place at the right time (she doesn’t want to know what her mother thinks of that). After years of trying to find something she’s good at, has Pip managed to walk straight into the job she was born to do?

She owes it to herself and poor missing Matty to find out.

But searching for Matty takes Pip into the strange, intimidating world of the rich and famous. And it soon becomes clear that some of these people’s love for themselves doesn’t extend to their fellow humans.

As Pip investigates further, she realises the question isn’t whether Matty ran away – it’s whether she will find him alive and make it home safely herself…


Publication Date: Deecember 2020

I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey down its pages, straight from the heart. STRICTLY HONEST and UNBIASED.

All my reviews can be found here.

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