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Book Review – People Like Her by Ellery LLoyd #BookReview #BookBlogger #suspense

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Whoa!! A thrilling debut that kept me enraptured from the beginning. Social media and its dangers were completely explored in this book.

Emmy was a successful influencer with her own brand. Her husband Dan did not like the children’s pics on social media, but couldn’t do much in the force of Emmy’s personality. Entered the darkness which soon followed Emmy and laid down its claws onto her. Destruction was the foregone conclusion.

Having read many books in this genre, it was wonderful how the author could make her words express the emotions she wanted to convey. The story might seem familiar but its treatment was certainly different. It was quite thought-provoking. The characters were well developed, each one was contrary to the author. I couldn’t help feeling scared for them as danger tightened its web.

The author dove into the human psyche to show the workings of the damaged mind. Emotions came through while reading. I was always wary of social media, post reading this I was petrified.

Overall, the book dealt with the good and the bad aspects of social media. I was especially engrossed as I wanted to get to the end and unmask the psycho terrorizing Emmy and her family. Quite unexpected was the end, I had to hold my breath for that one.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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