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Book Review – Betwixt by Darynda Jones #BookReview #BookBlogger

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Good Fun on a Sunday afternoon. A fast read with quirky characters, surly cat, hunky man, and a castle which crept on you. This was Darynda Jones in a women’s fiction with sass and brass. And of course, witchy elements.

Let me start with the good points. A chronologically mature main character, supposedly a badass, her best friend and a hunk of a guy made up the core of the book. Remind you of some series? Then there were the locals who thought her to be a witch. Was she?

Reading this author’s books after a long time. I liked the humor and sarcasm. The plumber in the kilt made me wonder if some family jewels were going to drop out. The bonds with the family was well shown. Defiance had her moments of empathy along with the newly evolving magic and being pursued by danger.

Then let me get to my niggles. All the main characters were quite similar to Charley Davidson series. And the lead here spoke and thought like a teen. It didn’t feel that she had the maturity of a 40 year old. Many actions were illogical. And of course being first in the series, a cliffhanger.

But I had the next book so I was cool about it. Overall a fast read, if I forgot my niggles. And I did forget.


Rating: 4 out of 5.


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A Paranormal Women’s Fiction with a bit of class, and a lot of sass, for anyone who feels like age is just a number!

Divorced, desperate, and destitute, former restaurateur Defiance Dayne finds out she has been bequeathed a house by a complete stranger. She is surprised, to say the least, and her curiosity gets the better of her. She leaves her beloved Phoenix and heads to one of the most infamous towns in America: Salem, Massachusetts.

She’s only there to find out why a woman she’s never met would leave her a house. A veritable castle that has seen better days. She couldn’t possibly accept it, but the lawyer assigned to the case practically begs her to take it off her hands, mostly because she’s scared of it. The house. The inanimate structure that, as far as Dephne can tell, has never hurt a fly.

Though it does come with some baggage. A pesky neighbor who wants her gone. A scruffy cat who’s a bit of a jerk. And a handyman bathed in ink who could moonlight as a supermodel for GQ.

She decides to give it three days, and not because of the model. She feels at home in Salem. Safe. But even that comes to a screeching halt when people begin knocking on her door day and night, begging for her help to locate their lost objects.

Come to find out, they think she’s a witch. And after a few mysterious mishaps, Dephne is beginning to wonder if they’re right. 


Publication Date: 2020

I downloaded the digital version of the book, and this is my journey down its pages, straight from the heart. STRICTLY HONEST and UNBIASED.

All my reviews can be found here.

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