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Book Spotlight – Of Tubes and Tides by Anne Stryker and T. R. Prouty @AuthorAnneStryk #BookReview #BookBlogger #fantasy

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The tide gives, and the tide takes.

Cordelia Sterling isn’t like most other girls. Suffering from gastroparesis, she has not eaten for ten years and is on constant life support via her friendly backpack companion, Whaley. When a backpack mixup leads her to a strikingly handsome faerie named Kalmar, her wish for normalcy fades into her wish for more time with him.

Kalmar Lazuli must complete two years of transfer school, as is custom for kings-to-be, then ascend to the throne before the sea’s power kills his mother. Mingling with the humans is baggage he doesn’t need right now, especially when he knows he must leave them behind. However, he never accounted for Cordelia, and he never accounted for falling in love.

As the queen’s health fails, a chaotic evil begins to take root in Nix, and distractions are the last thing Kal and Cori need if they want to stay alive, but the attraction between them may be the only thing strong enough to save their home.

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Publication Date: June 2021

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