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Book Review – Men and Country by Emmanuelle Snow @SnowEmmanuelle #BookReview #BookBlogger #contemporary

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I got the opportunity to read all the three books. The men were dashing, they played hard and loved harder when they fell in love. All it took was once glance, one conversation, and one experience. And they knew who had captured their heart forever. Their soulmate.

Author Emmanuelle Snow’s writing caused the cockles of my heart to throb painfully with the power of the men’s love. Each one was different in their own way, and they made their stories come alive. I loved how protective they were of their women, yet allowed them to live their lives independently.

Angst was seen but to a much lesser extent than book 1. These, being novellas, were more like tests of time in the pathway of love. They made excellent coffee books, to be read over cake and coffee. A teaser they were, making me long for their own books. Hope the author is listening…


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Three men. Three stories.

A country music superstar. His manager. And the guy who doesn’t believe in love.

They’re successful, hard-working, and honest. But their personal lives are far from perfect. Their hearts are lonely and their beds empty.

They believe they have their lives all figured out. Until they meet women who disrupt everything they knew about love.

Trusting someone else with your heart is always risky.

Sometimes, the pros surpass the risks.But sometimes, all you can do is run for your life.


A country music superstar. His manager. And the guy who doesn’t believe in love.

Carter Hills is a country music superstar about to start his solo career now that his band is a memory from the past. He has everything he wants in life. Except love. The only woman he has ever felt something for doesn’t share his feelings. Sure, she loves him, but as a friend.

Yeah, Carter Hills has been friend-zoned. For good this time.

Until he meets Savannah Prince, a mysterious Hollywood actress on the rise, insatiable in the bedroom. But behind her glamorous lifestyle, long legs, and perfect lips, Savannah hides a darker side of her personality Carter is about to discover.

Will he fall in love with her or run for his life?


A country music superstar. His manager. And the guy who doesn’t believe in love.

Riley Burns is the manager of the biggest country music star in the world, Carter Hills. He discovered him at eighteen and brought him to stardom. Yeah, Riley’s career is what everyone in the business aspires to. Except, nothing in his personal life is worth fighting for. Until he meets her one night and falls under her charm.

The chemistry is there.

But soon she vanishes into the dark night, leaving no trace behind, not even her full name. What if love at first sight really exists, but only hits someone once? Riley makes it his mission to find the woman who stole his heart, no matter how hard it might be.

But what if she doesn’t want to be found?


A country music superstar. His manager. And the guy who doesn’t believe in love.

Reed Knight doesn’t believe in love. Thanks to his parents who sent him back and forth between Canada and the US growing up, he has put walls around his heart. Thick walls that no woman has ever broken through. Career-driven, he has everything he needs in life: friends, a successful business, and pleasure on the side.

Yes, his life is complete. According to his own standards, at least.

But when she walks into his life, tornado-style, it disrupts everything he ever thought he knew. Nothing matters anymore. Not the lock around his heart. Or his stupid decade-old rules.

Can Reed find it in him to love someone else, or will his icy heart stand in the way?


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Publication Date: June 2021

I received the digital version of the books from the author, and this is my journey down its pages, straight from the heart. STRICTLY HONEST and UNBIASED.

All my reviews can be found here.

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