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Book Review – Princess and Country by Emmanuelle Snow @SnowEmmanuelle #BookReview #BookBlogger #contemporary

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Author Emmanuelle Snow’s new book – Princess and Country

Meet Dahlia – the one who holds the hearts of both the Hills brothers


What can I say about Dahlia – She is innocent and kind. Her life is enmeshed with the Hills brothers. One is her best friend and the other, her love. And both love her as fiercely. But her heart loves one and is in love with the other.

DAHLIA was an old soul who saw purity in the men who loved her and understood it. She believed in the strength of her emotions, the all-encompassing love, where her heart held her hostage to the storm that her choice brought.

Author Emmanuelle Snow’s writing evoked the magic in her words where my love for Carter competed with my love for Dahlia. Jeff was an added delight in the book. Though hinted at being a triangle, fear not. Dahlia was absolute clear right from the beginning.

Having read book 1, I was Carter’s girl, but Dahlia captured my heart in the way she treated both the brothers.

The heart chose one, but at the same time, stood loyally beside the other. The balance was beautifully held by the author, where she alienated no character and made me fall in love with all of them.

Many scenes caused a lump in my throat at the sensitivity of the situation and in some, I openly cried. I blamed the author. She did it!! Made me feel so damn much as if I was right there, in Dahlia’s life, feeling every single sliver that she did.

Emmanuelle’s magic lay in her words, and how she could squeeze my heart with a single stroke of her pen. It was magical. Not many authors could imbibe their words with emotions. This author could, and I was in awe.

There was angst, no doubt, but believe me, the book needed that. How could the power of love not be realized without it?!

True friendship, intense love, and a moment of wanting to feel loved caused the three souls to be intertwined in such a way that their story would live on…in my heart and others.

A beautiful love story about friendship…


Rating: 5 out of 5.


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Her best friend and his brother.
A passion that can’t be shared.
A record deal that will bring her all over the world.
And one fateful night.

Country superstar Dahlia Ellis is sweet, leveled-headed, and passionate. When she finds herself loved by both her best friend and his brother, Dahlia must find a way to come to terms with her own feelings without leaving too many broken heart’s pieces behind. Despite her best intentions, Dahlia will be sucked into a tornado of love and loss that will hurt her and the people she loves the most.

One night will change the rest of her life.
One night will shatter everything she’s ever known.
And one encounter will give her the courage to dream again.

For Dahlia, fame, money, and beauty don’t mean anything. And her story is one of love, strength, trust, and fate.

When her life falls apart, will Dahlia be able to get back out there and rise to the top again?


Publication Date: July 2021

I received an ARC from the author, and this is my journey down its pages, straight from the heart. STRICTLY HONEST and UNBIASED.

All my reviews can be found here.


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