Since I am told I am of a certain age (pretty sure it means elderly) and of a certain status(pretty sure it was derogatory), I decided to make fun of these words. I decided to add the memories and subtract the insults, which were indicated

Throughout this year, I want to explore, explore my memories, explore my thoughts, explore my views, explore parts of my life which I have forgotten. The brain has a tendency to remember the bad parts and forget the good. I want to rattle this brain of mine, go deep down its lanes, to the happy memories, some nostalgic ones (I really don’t do nostalgia) and see what falls out, to become words.

These are my personal thoughts, my personal  words, and parts of my life. They have nothing to do with the rules of the society or the world. So here I go, baring my soul, searching the by lanes, hoping I find those gold nuggets, which have been hidden for so long.

Join me on this journey, read if you want to, comment if it triggers your memories. Do not insult or be derogatory. That comment will never be acknowledged. This is for all of us who have lived our life on earth, wearing the scars of life with pride. 

Thank you

Till laters… Adieu.