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Book Cover Reading Up A Storm by Eva Gates
Published: May 5th 2016

Eva Gates: Reading Up a Storm Book Review

Step into a world where the alluring charm of a library meets the captivating allure of the beach. “Reading Up a Storm,” part of the thrilling “Lighthouse Library Mystery” series penned by the talented Eva Gates, takes you on a riveting journey to North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Local librarian Lucy Richardson stumbles upon a mysterious boat with a lifeless figure on the shore, plunging her into an enigmatic and adrenaline-pumping investigation. But amidst the intrigue, romance simmers as Lucy finds herself torn between two compelling love interests, adding a touch of sizzling drama to the mix. A stormy beginning sets the stage for an intricately woven plot that keeps you hooked from page one.


Personal Opinion

Ahoy there, fellow book lovers! Avast ye, for I’ve discovered a literary gem that’s an absolute treasure – “Reading Up a Storm” by Eva Gates! Arrr, mateys, this is the second book in the “Lighthouse Library Mystery” series, and it’s an adventure not to be missed.

Me heart soared as I delved into this tale set in a library on the beach – a unique blend of coziness and salty ocean breeze. The characters be a lively lot, but my heart belongs to Watson, the snarky yet straight-laced fella who’ll leave ye in stitches. And what’s a good tale without a touch of romance? The love triangle brewing in the background left me yearning for more.

Avast! The plot is as tumultuous as the storm that opens the story, with twists and turns that’ll keep ye guessing. Aye, I may have cracked the case early on, but the journey was worth its weight in doubloons. The vibrant setting, captivating characters, and thrilling mystery kept me anchored to this book, even after I closed its pages.

So, set sail, me hearties, and embark on this reading adventure with “Reading Up a Storm.” Yo-ho-ho, and a good book it be!

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