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The Ultimate Guide to Vince Flynn Books Order

Are you looking for an action-packed series of books that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Vince Flynn’s books collection is perfect for you.

Vince Flynn was an American writer who wrote political thrillers about a made-up assassin named Mitch Rapp.

Vince Flynn’s books have been read and loved by millions of readers across the US. With over 20 books out for thriller fans to read, Vince Flynn’s world of adrenaline-rushing novels will keep you hooked until the end. You’ll never know what will happen next with Vince Flynn’s novels, so get ready for an action-packed journey full of suspense and thrills. In short, these are great books to read if you are looking for excitement. If you are currently reading to reduce your stress levels, we recommend some less thrilling novels.

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The Ultimate Guide to Vince Flynn Books in Reading Order will help you get started on your Vince Flynn journey, so don’t wait any longer—jump into Vince Flynn’s world now!

Vince Flynn Books Reading Order (Chronological Order)

People who are familiar with Vince Flynn’s writings know that he highly recommends reading his books in chronological order. To make it easier for you, here is a comprehensive list of all the books authored by Mr. Flynn, both in their order of release and recommended reading order. Let’s get started!

1. American Assassin (2010)

vince flynn books order

American Assassin follows the story of Mitch Rapp, a gifted college athlete whose life is thrown into turmoil after tragedy strikes and his girlfriend becomes a victim of the Pan Am Lockerbie terrorist attack. Driven by a desire for retribution, Rapp sets out to take revenge independently, only to be recruited by the CIA to join their intense training program and become a highly-skilled weapon against terrorists.

Set in Beirut, Rapp is pushed to his limits and must rely on his training to survive as he takes chances where others would play it safe. This book serves as a powerful introduction to Vince Flynn’s protagonist, showing readers the events that shaped him into the man he is today and setting the stage for future books in this series. American Assassin is an action-packed and emotionally charged story that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

A film has been made based on the novel, with Dylan O’Brien playing Rapp and Michael Keaton as his mentor. The movie American Assassin stays loyal to Flynn’s original story and captures the intensity of Rapp’s journey as he works to avenge his girlfriend.

2. Kill Shot (2012)

vince flynn books order

Mitch Rapp has been trained and unleashed by the CIA for a year now. After the Pan Am Lockerbie terrorist attack, he took down the responsible killers. A deadly trap now awaits him in Paris, as his hunt leads him there.

It appears that Rapp is responsible for murdering nine people, including the Libyan oil minister. As a result of the international crisis, Washington deems Rapp a liability and wants to clean its hands of him. Consequently, Rapp is on his own and must fend for himself. It soon becomes clear that a wounded and cornered Mitch Rapp is the most dangerous of all.

3. Transfer Of Power (1999)

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Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn is a thrilling and action-packed novel set in the heart of Washington, D.C. It follows the story of CIA counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp as he is called in to rescue the president and hostages taken by a group of terrorists who have gained access to the White House. With the President evacuating and negotiations underway, Rapp must uncover a sinister plot that lurks within the American government to save the hostages and restore order.

As the situation becomes more desperate, Rapp must rely on his skills and wit to survive while discovering the truth. Thanks to Vince Flynn’s captivating writing style, Transfer of Power is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. It’s an exciting and unmissable installment in Vince Flynn’s beloved Mitch Rapp series.

4. The Third Option (2000)

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The Third Option by Vince Flynn is an action-packed and captivating novel that follows CIA counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp as he faces a series of challenges beyond the critical situation where he is needed to kill a terrorist.

When Dr. Irene Kennedy is chosen to become the director of the CIA, a succession of corrupt officials attempt to block it. As a result, Rapp is framed and hunted down by his own agency. With his skills and wit, Rapp must use every resource at his disposal to turn the situation around and uncover the truth.

5. Separation Of Power (2001)

saddam hussein

In Separation of Power, Vince Flynn brings readers on a thrilling ride with Mitch Rapp as he works to prevent World War III. With the fate of the world on his shoulders, Mitch must move quickly to put a stop to a group of powerful individuals planning to assassinate the CIA director.

With suspense, suspenseful action, and a captivating plot, Vince Flynn’s Separation of Power will keep readers glued to the pages as they follow Mitch’s mission to save the world.

6. Executive Power (2003)

michael o'rourke

In Executive Power, Mitch Rapp takes on his most formidable enemies yet. As he continues to gain notoriety for his unyielding dedication and ability to foil terrorist attacks, he is targeted by some of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world.

In this thrilling novel, Mitch must use his expertise to stay alive and outsmart his enemies, all while protecting the nation. Readers will be captivated as they follow Mitch on a thrilling journey full of danger, suspense, and nail-biting action. In the end, Mitch Rapp proves that no matter how difficult the odds may be, he will never give up.

7. Memorial Day (2004)

Memorial Day Paperback

In Memorial Day, the thrilling seventh installment in Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series, readers join the heroic Mitch Rapp as he counters a terrorist plot to launch a nuclear strike on Washington D.C. on Memorial Day.

Discovering the extent of their nefarious reach, Mitch must move quickly to stop the disaster while also fighting to unravel the dark web of deceit and corruption that has infiltrated Washington D.C.

8. Consent To Kill (2005)

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In Consent to Kill, Mitch Rapp’s enemies have gone personal. After saving the country from an imminent terrorist attack, Rapp is suddenly backed against the wall as his own country begins to doubt his motives.

In a thrilling tale of revenge, Rapp must fight against the terrorists determined to take him down. With both sides at an impasse, only one side can emerge victorious in this intense battle for justice.

9. Act Of Treason (2006)

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In Act of Treason by Vince Flynn, Mitch Rapp is faced with an impending attack from within America. With Al-Qaeda’s agents having infiltrated the Capitol, it is up to Mitch Rapp to make difficult decisions and prevent America from falling into ruin.

10. Protect And Defend (2007)

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In Protect and Defend, Mitch Rapp must face off against his most formidable enemy yet – Imad Mukhtar. The Iranian government has sent this renowned terrorist to ensure a war erupts, setting in motion disastrous events.

But what Mukhtar doesn’t know is he is up against the most elite counter-terrorist agent in the world, Mitch Rapp. Will Rapp be able to protect and defend his country from this extreme threat? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

11. Extreme Measures (2008)

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In Extreme Measures, Mitch Rapp and Mike Nash team up to take on a powerful enemy – politicians and government officials who seek to control their every move. As they navigate a ruthless minefield of enemies, they must fight not just against Al-Qaeda but also against the forces within their own government seeking to manipulate them.

With stakes that are higher than ever, Rapp and Nash must use every resource available to prevail against their opponents in this thrilling adventure.

12. Pursuit Of Honor (2009)

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In Pursuit of Honor, Vince Flynn takes readers on a thrilling journey as Mitch Rapp and Mike Nash seek justice after a devastating terrorist attack that claimed the lives of more than a hundred Americans.

As they battle for power and face tremendous obstacles, fans will find themselves captivated by this gripping story. From the heart-pumping action to the emotional journey of two powerful protagonists, Pursuit of Honor is not to be missed.

13. The Last Man (2012)

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In The Last Man, Vince Flynn brings us into a personal mission for his battle-hardened CIA agent Mitch Rapp. With the disappearance of his friend and colleague, Joe Rickman, Rapp is determined to do whatever it takes to find him – even if it means disregarding orders or taking on countless terrorists.

With thrilling action and suspense, The Last Man is sure to captivate readers with its story of one man’s determination to find justice.

14. The Survivor (2015)

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The Survivor, written by Kyle Mills and released after the passing of Vince Flynn, is a captivating tale of Mitch Rapp’s mission to save the United States. Taking extreme risks, Rapp embarks on a thrilling adventure to keep the country safe and secure its future. This nail-biting book is a must-read for all Flynn fans.

15. Order To Kill (2016)

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In ”Order To Kill,” Mitch Rapp is tasked with a mission to counter a dangerous plot by Russian terrorists to gain access to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

With the future of the United States at stake, Mitch dives into a mysterious and thrilling investigation to uncover secrets that could lead to disaster if left unchecked. Follow along with Mitch as he faces unexpected dangers and shocking revelations in this captivating tale of suspense.

16. Enemy Of The State (2017)

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In Enemy Of The State, Mitch Rapp leaves the CIA but still finds a way to protect his beloved country. When a new foe threatens the gates of his nation, Rapp quickly assembles a team of trusted individuals who come together to defeat the Saudis.

However, he soon finds himself being hunted down by his very own country. Will Rapp and his team be able to defeat the Saudis and protect their nation? Find out in Vince Flynn’s thrilling novel Enemy Of The State.

17. Red War (2018)

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Red War is the 17th book in Vince Flynn’s series. This action-packed thriller follows CIA operative Mitch Rapp as he takes on a daring mission to Russia. He is tasked with stopping a war between the West and Russia, potentially saving the world from destruction.

With very little time to spare, Rapp must land on foreign soil and assassinate the powerful president of Russia. Will he be successful in his mission or will it all come to an end? Find out in Red War, where the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

18. Lethal Agent (2019)

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In Lethal Agent, Mitch Rapp is tasked with an urgent mission to prevent ISIS agents from carrying out a deadly bioweapon attack on the United States. As the situation escalates in Mexico, Rapp must race against the clock to save his country from certain disasters.

With tension and intrigue at every turn, Lethal Agent is a thrilling story of international espionage and the courage it takes to stand up for what’s right. Will Rapp be able to save the day or will it all be for naught? Find out in this gripping Vince Flynn novel.

19. Total Power (2020)

rapp succeed in this novel

In Total Power, Mitch Rapp is presented with an enormous challenge – preventing a terrorist attack that could take out the entire power grid of the United States. After uncovering a cyber attack that could leave America in the dark ages, Rapp is determined to do whatever it takes to prevent catastrophe.

With the fate of the nation at stake, readers will be captivated as they root for Rapp’s success and discover if he can stop the attack and save the country.

20. Enemy at the Gates (2021)

united states marine corps

Enemy at the Gates is the 20th installment in the Mitch Rapp series. In this thrilling tale, Mitch defends billionaire Nicholas Ward as they embark on a mission to revolutionize the world with Ward’s cutting-edge technologies.

With an unknown enemy at their gates, Mitch must use his expertise to protect Ward and his lofty ambitions while thwarting any would-be assailants. Fast-paced and full of suspense, Enemy at the Gates is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

21. Oath of Loyalty (2022)

thomas academy

In Oath of Loyalty, Mitch Rapp and President Anthony Cook find themselves at odds with each other, forcing CIA Director Irene Kennedy to mediate a truce. To ensure his safety, Rapp agrees to stay out of the country and in plain sight while Cook is in office.

With the stakes high and emotions running high, the two adversaries must find a way to co-exist or risk irreparable damage. Will Rapp be able to fulfill his oath of loyalty? Only time will tell.

Vince Flynn Books in Order of Publication

Vince Flynn’s books offer a captivating experience no matter which order you decide to read them in. If you choose the order of publication, you’ll start with Term Limits, the author’s first novel set in the Mitch Rapp universe.

This book is a great way to begin your journey with Flynn’s masterful storytelling, as it contains important world-building details that will be emphasized in later books in the series.

Following Term Limits, you can then read the Vince Flynn books in order of publication until you reach American Assassin, where you will be thrown back in time. Ultimately, whichever order you choose to read the Vince Flynn books in, you will be enthralled with the captivating stories.

Here are the complete Vince Flynn Books in order of Publication

  1. Transfer of Power (1999)
  2. The Third Option (2000)
  3. Separation of Power (2001)
  4. Executive Power (2003)
  5. Memorial Day (2004)
  6. Consent to Kill (2005)
  7. Act of Treason (2006)
  8. Protect and Defend (2007)
  9. Extreme Measures (2008)
  10. Pursuit of Honor (2009)
  11. American Assassin (2010)
  12. Kill Shot (2012)
  13. The Last Man (2012)
  14. The Survivor (2015)
  15. Order to Kill (2016)
  16. Enemy of the State (2017)
  17. Red War (2018)
  18. Lethal Agent (2019)
  19. Total Power (2020)
  20. Enemy at the Gates (2021)
  21. Oath of Loyalty (2022)

Mitch Rapp Books in Order by Author

The story of Mitch Rapp is one that spans two authors, each bringing their own unique perspective to the character. Vince Flynn passed away in 2013 at the very young age of 47, when he lost his long-time battle with prostate cancer. Vince Flynn wrote 13 books before his death in 2013, and Kyle Mills has since taken up the mantle of the Mitch Rapp series, writing eight books so far.

With his most recent 3-book deal, fans can look forward to more Mitch Rapp books from Mills through 2023. For those who wish to read the series in order, it’s easy to trace the evolution of Mitch Rapp through these two authors.

If you’re new to the series, this is an excellent opportunity to explore the original stories of Vince Flynn, as well as the fresh perspective and action-packed tales from Kyle Mills.

Mitch Rapp Books in Order by Vince Flynn

  1. American Assassin (2010)
  2. Kill Shot (2012)
  3. Transfer of Power (1999)
  4. The Third Option (2000)
  5. Separation of Power (2001)
  6. Executive Power (2003)
  7. Memorial Day (2004)
  8. Consent to Kill (2005)
  9. Act of Treason (2006)
  10. Protect and Defend (2007)
  11. Extreme Measures (2008)
  12. Pursuit of Honor (2009)
  13. The Last Man (2012)

Mitch Rapp Books in Order by Kyle Mills

  1. The Survivor (2015)
  2. Order to Kill (2016)
  3. Enemy of the State (2017)
  4. Red War (2018)
  5. Lethal Agent (2019)
  6. Total Power (2020)
  7. Enemy at the Gates (2021)
  8. Oath of Loyalty (2022)


Vince Flynn’s work has captivated readers for years and is sure to continue to do so in the future. His books are thrilling, intense, and full of suspense, making them unforgettable for readers. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just starting out, this reading list is the perfect place to begin your journey into the thrilling world of Vince Flynn. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start reading!

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