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Colleen Hoover Books in Order

Colleen Hoover has taken the literary world by storm with her Compelling stories and unforgettable characters. As a New York Times bestselling author, her books have garnered a massive following among readers who can’t get enough of her unique writing style and gripping narratives. One of the most common questions asked by her fans is, “What is the best order to read her books?” This is an important consideration, especially when it comes to her popular book series, where the stories are interconnected, and reading them out of sequence can diminish the overall reading experience.

In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to reading Colleen Hoover’s books in the recommended order. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to her works, this guide will ensure you don’t miss a beat and can fully immerse yourself in the intricate worlds she has created.

Standalone Novels by Colleen Hoover

Before we delve into her book series, let’s explore her remarkable standalone novels. These books are self-contained stories that can be read independently, without the need for any specific reading order.

Green Paperback cover Reminders of Him Colleen Hoover
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Reminders of Him (2022)

This emotional novel follows Kenna Rowan, who returns to her hometown after serving a prison sentence to face her troubled past. As she navigates her new life, she unexpectedly meets Ledger, a local bar owner with his demons. Their connection is intense, but Kenna must confront the guilt and shame surrounding her past before embracing a second chance at love.

Heart Bones Colleen Hoover
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Heart Bones (2020)

Beyah, a young woman grieving the loss of her mother, forms an unlikely connection with Samson, a man struggling with his demons. Their friendship with Samson’s neighbor, Dec, blossoms into an unconventional family unit. This novel explores the transformative power of human connections in the face of loss and hardship.

Layla (2020)

Layla Bradford is a driven woman working hard to achieve her career goals in event planning. When she meets Liam Callahan, a successful neurosurgeon, their worlds collide. As their relationship deepens, Layla must confront her insecurities and the expectations placed on her by her small-town upbringing.

Regretting You (2019)

Miranda Frayle’s life is turned upside down when she discovers her fiancé has been unfaithful. In the aftermath, she meets Sebastian York, the founder of a prestigious charity organization. As they work together, their undeniable chemistry blossoms into something deeper. But can they overcome their pasts and trust in love again?

Paperback of Verity by Colleen Hoover
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Verity (2018)

Lowen Ashleigh is hired as a writer to complete the remaining books in a successful series after the original author, Verity Crawford, is injured in an accident. While reviewing Verity’s notes, Lowen uncovers horrifying admissions that make her question everything she thought she knew. This psychological thriller will keep you guessing until the very end. Check our full book review here.

Without Merit (2017)

Merit Voss is a teenager struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, and the dysfunctional dynamics of her family. When a shocking incident rocks their lives, Merit must find the courage to confront her fears and embrace her true self. This novel tackles important themes of mental health, self-acceptance, and the complexities of family relationships.

Too Late (2016)

Sloan and Brady were soulmates, but a tragic event tore them apart. Years later, they’re forced to confront their past when Sloan relocates to Boston and finds herself living next door to Brady. As they navigate their complicated history and unresolved feelings, they must decide if it’s too late to give love another chance.

Confess (2015)

At the prestigious Colburn High School for the Arts, secrets and lies are currency. When a sinister game called “Confess” starts revealing students’ darkest confessions, it threatens to tear the school apart. Told from multiple perspectives, this gripping novel explores the consequences of keeping secrets and the power of truth.

Paperback blue and pink flower November 9
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November 9 (2015)

Fallon and Ben first met on November 9th and had a connection like no other. From then on, they meet yearly on the same date, forming a unique bond. As their lives take different paths, they must navigate the complexities of love, fate, and the choices that shape their destinies. A beautiful and emotional love story.

Ugly Love (2014)

Tate Collins encounters Miles Archer, a mysterious and emotionally unavailable man who she becomes entangled in a physical relationship. As their connection deepens, Tate realizes Miles is harboring dark secrets from his past that could destroy any chance at real love. A raw and intense exploration of love, trust, and healing.

While these standalone novels can be read in any order, some readers recommend starting with Colleen Hoover’s earlier works, such as “Ugly Love” or “Confess,” to appreciate her growth as an author over time. However, the choice is entirely up to you and your personal preferences.

Remember, even though these books are not part of a series, they still showcase Colleen Hoover’s incredible storytelling abilities and her knack for creating complex, relatable characters that will stay with you long after you finish reading.

Hoover’s Book Series

Here’s a breakdown of major book series, along with the recommended reading order:

“It Ends With Us” Series

Book TitleRelease YearDescription
It Ends With Us2016The first book in the series introduces Lily Bloom, a young woman who seems to have it all – a successful business, a beautiful home, and a loving boyfriend. However, her seemingly perfect life is shattered when her first love, Ryle Kincaid, re-enters her life. As Lily navigates the complexities of her relationships, she must confront the harsh realities of domestic abuse and find the strength to break free from the cycle of violence.
It Starts With Us2022“It Starts With Us” follows the intertwined journeys of three strangers brought together by a shared desire for change. As they navigate personal struggles and societal challenges, they discover the transformative power of unity, empathy, and collective action.

“Maybe” Series

Book TitleRelease YearDescription
Maybe Someday2014The series introduces Ridge Lawson and Sydney Blake, two individuals who form an unexpected connection through their shared love for music. Ridge is a talented musician struggling with the aftermath of a tragic loss, while Sydney is a young woman trying to find her footing in a new city. As their friendship blossoms into something deeper, they must navigate the complexities of their pasts and the challenges that threaten to keep them apart.
Maybe Not2014A novella that provides insights into Ridge’s past relationship with Maggie, shedding light on the events that shaped him and the heartbreak he endured before meeting Sydney. This companion piece offers a deeper understanding of Ridge’s character and his emotional journey.
Maybe Now2018The third installment continue the story of Ridge and Sydney, exploring the next chapter of their lives together.

“Hopeless” Series

Book TitleRelease YearDescription
Hopeless2012The first book in the series follows Sky, a young woman who has endured a tragic event that has left her emotionally scarred. As she tries to rebuild her life, she forms an unexpected connection with Dean Holder, a mysterious and brooding classmate. Their relationship blossoms into a deep and passionate love, but Sky’s past trauma and Holder’s own secrets threaten to tear them apart.
Losing Hope2013A companion novel that retells the events of “Hopeless” from Holder’s perspective, providing readers with a deeper understanding of his character, his motivations, and the demons he struggles with. This book offers a unique glimpse into Holder’s past and the emotional turmoil he experiences as he falls in love with Sky.
Finding Cinderella2013A novella that serves as an epilogue to the “Hopeless” series, giving readers a glimpse into the future lives of Sky and Holder. This short story explores the challenges they face as a couple and the enduring strength of their love.

“Never Never” Series

Book TitleRelease YearDescription
Never Never2015The series introduces Silas Nash and Charlie Whitmore, two individuals with a complicated history and an undeniable connection. Silas is a driven businessman, while Charlie is a young woman trying to rebuild her life after a traumatic event. As their paths cross again, they are forced to confront the secrets and unresolved feelings from their past, testing the boundaries of their relationship.
Never Never: Part Two2015The second book in the series continues the emotional journey of Silas and Charlie, delving deeper into their complicated dynamics and the challenges they face in their pursuit of love and happiness. As they navigate the complexities of their relationship, they must come to terms with their pasts and make difficult choices that will shape their future together.
Never Never: Part Three2016In the third book Silas Nash and Charlize Wynwood get into their past to discover their true identities and future aspirations. As time runs out, they race against the clock to uncover the crucial answers before everything slips away.

It’s important to note that while these series have distinct storylines, some characters and events may overlap or connect with standalone novels. Readers are advised to consult trusted sources or online reading communities for the most up-to-date information on any new releases or changes in reading order.

Hoover’s Debut and Book Count

Colleen Hoover made her debut as an author in 2012 with the release of her novel “Slammed.” Since then, she has written over 26 books, including popular standalone novels and gripping book series. Her works have appeared multiple times on the New York Times bestseller list, solidifying her status as a beloved and acclaimed author in the contemporary fiction genre. With each new release, Hoover’s dedicated fan base eagerly awaits her next Engaging story.


In conclusion, Hoover’s books have captivated readers worldwide with her unique storytelling skills and relatable characters. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to her works, this comprehensive guide has provided you with the information you need to navigate her extensive collection of standalone novels and gripping book series in the recommended reading order. From the emotional journey of “It Ends With Us” to the complexities of the “Maybe” series, Hoover’s stories offer a rich tapestry of emotions, self-discovery, and the enduring power of love. So, Explore her literary worlds, and experience the magic of her words for yourself – you’ll be hooked from the very first page.

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