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Your Ultimate Guide to the Amos Decker Series by David Baldacci: Books in Order and More

Welcome to the intriguing world of Amos Decker, the unforgettable protagonist of David Baldacci’s renowned series. If you’re a fan of gripping crime novels, diving into the Amos Decker series is a must. But here’s a tip: to fully appreciate the depth of these stories, it’s best to read them in order. Why? Let’s find out!

Portrait of David baldacci author of Amos Decker Series

Who is Amos Decker?

Amos Decker is not your average detective. His character is marked by a unique blend of brilliance and vulnerability, stemming from a traumatic brain injury that left him with a perfect memory. This gift and curse make him an extraordinary detective but also haunt him with unerasable memories of personal loss.

The Amos Decker Series in Order

  1. Memory Man – The journey begins with a personal tragedy that changes Decker’s life forever.
  2. The Last Mile – Decker’s skills are put to the test in a case with shocking twists.
  3. The Fix – A baffling espionage case awaits Decker, filled with national security implications.
  4. The Fallen – A visit to a rust belt town spirals into a complex mystery.
  5. Redemption – Decker confronts a mistake from his past, seeking justice and truth.
  6. Walk the Wire – A murder in a remote town unfolds into a sinister plot.
  7. Long Shadows – In this latest installment, Decker faces new challenges and revelations that test his limits and uncover deep-seated conspiracies.
Memory Man Paperback gold background Amos Decker series Book 1
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Memory Man

In “Memory Man,” we meet Amos Decker, a former football player turned detective with a rare gift: a perfect memory caused by a traumatic brain injury. This first book in David Baldacci’s gripping series introduces us to Decker’s tragic past, where a horrifying family murder leaves him devastated and alone. His unique ability becomes both a tool and a burden as he embarks on a relentless quest for justice.

The story unfolds with Decker using his extraordinary memory to piece together clues that others have overlooked. As he delves deeper into the investigation, he uncovers a shocking conspiracy that challenges his skills and tests his resolve. “Memory Man” is a compelling blend of a heart-wrenching personal journey and a thrilling crime mystery, setting the stage for an unforgettable series.

Road leading to a house, The Last Mile Paperback cover
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The Last Mile

“The Last Mile” deepens our journey with Amos Decker, the detective with a flawless memory. In this gripping sequel, Decker’s life takes an unexpected turn when he learns about Melvin Mars, a former football star facing execution for the murders of his parents. Mars’s fate echoes Decker’s own family tragedy, compelling him to take on the case. As Decker delves into the investigation, he uncovers startling similarities between their pasts.

The plot thickens when another man confesses to the murders Mars is accused of, unveiling a complex web of corruption and deceit. Decker’s unrelenting pursuit of the truth leads him through a labyrinth of shocking revelations and hidden agendas. “The Last Mile” is a masterful blend of suspense and emotion, showcasing Baldacci’s skill in weaving intricate narratives and complex characters.

The Fix, Amos Decker Book 3
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The Fix

In “The Fix,” Amos Decker, the detective with a remarkable memory, faces a baffling new challenge. The story begins with a seemingly inexplicable event outside FBI headquarters: a man shoots a woman and then himself.

Decker, who witnesses the incident, is drawn into the investigation. As he digs deeper, he discovers that the case is more complex than it appears, involving national security and international intrigue. With the help of his team, Decker unravels a web of secrets and lies surrounding a global conspiracy.

The stakes are high, as the mystery threatens to have far-reaching implications. Baldacci skillfully combines a fast-paced, intricate plot with the ongoing development of Decker’s character, making “The Fix” a compelling read that blends psychological depth with edge-of-your-seat action.

Paperback The Fallen Baldacci
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The Fallen

“The Fallen” takes Amos Decker, the detective with a phenomenal memory, to the small, struggling town of Baronville. While on vacation, Decker stumbles upon a series of murders that seem unrelated at first glance. As he delves into the investigation, he uncovers layers of corruption and secrets deeply rooted in the town’s history.

The mystery deepens with each revelation, revealing a sinister plot that threatens the very fabric of Baronville. Decker’s unique abilities are put to the test as he navigates a complex web of suspects and motives. In this installment, Baldacci skillfully intertwines a compelling murder mystery with social commentary, exploring themes of economic decline and opioid addiction.

“The Fallen” not only offers a thrilling and intricate plot but also continues to develop Decker’s character, adding depth to the series.

Man with shadow between gravestones on the cover of David Baldacci's Redemption, book 5 in Amos Decker series
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“Redemption” brings a personal twist to Amos Decker’s journey, as he returns to his hometown of Burlington, Ohio, to visit his family’s graves. There, he’s approached by Meryl Hawkins, the first murderer Decker ever put behind bars. Hawkins, now dying and released from prison, insists on his innocence.

Haunted by the possibility of a mistake in his first case, Decker reopens the investigation. As he digs deeper, he uncovers unsettling truths about the case and the town he thought he knew. The quest for redemption takes him through a maze of deceit and into a dangerous confrontation with a killer who has long been in hiding.

In “Redemption,” Baldacci weaves a tale of guilt, forgiveness, and the elusive nature of truth. The book combines a gripping mystery with a profound look at Decker’s struggle with his past decisions and their consequences.

Walk the Wire David Baldacci
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Walk the Wire

In “Walk the Wire,” Amos Decker and his partner, Alex Jamison, are called to the remote North Dakota town of London to solve a gruesome murder. The victim, a young woman, was a teacher by day and a blogger by night, exploring the dark underbelly of the small town. As Decker and Jamison unravel the layers of the case, they discover that London is a town full of secrets, and the murder is just the tip of the iceberg.

The investigation leads them into the path of a sinister plot involving the town’s booming fracking industry and its far-reaching impacts. Baldacci masterfully blends a complex murder mystery with contemporary issues, making “Walk the Wire” a compelling and thought-provoking read. Decker’s extraordinary memory and deductive skills are put to the test as he navigates through a web of lies and deceit to uncover the truth.

Long Shadows Hardcover
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Long Shadows

“Long Shadows” continues the captivating journey of Amos Decker, the detective with a remarkable memory. In this installment, Decker faces one of his most perplexing cases yet. The story unfolds as Decker is drawn into a complicated investigation involving a series of mysterious and seemingly unrelated events. As he delves deeper, he discovers that these incidents are not only interconnected but also tied back to his own past in unexpected ways.

The case challenges Decker’s extraordinary abilities and leads him to confront long-buried secrets and personal demons. Baldacci skillfully intertwines suspense and emotion, weaving a narrative that explores themes of memory, truth, and the shadows cast by our past. “Long Shadows” stands out for its intricate plot, character development, and the profound moral dilemmas it presents, making it a gripping and thought-provoking addition to the series.

Why the Order Matters

Each book in the Amos Decker series builds upon the last. As Decker evolves, so do the complexities of the cases he tackles. Reading in order allows you to journey alongside Decker, understanding his growth and the nuances of each story.

Beyond the Books: Adaptations and Related Works

While the series has yet to hit the screen, its cinematic potential is undeniable. Fans of Baldacci’s work can also explore his other series, which often intersect with Decker’s world.

What Makes the Amos Decker Series Stand Out?

David Baldacci’s writing is a masterful blend of suspense, emotion, and intricacy. Critics praise the series for its well-crafted plots and the compelling, multifaceted protagonist. Readers are drawn to the psychological depth and the twists that Baldacci so skillfully delivers. For those interested in exploring similar themes of redemption in literature, check out my review of “The 620 Man,” a compelling story that resonates with the transformative journeys found in Baldacci’s works. Read the review here.

Where to Find the Amos Decker Series

The series is widely available in bookstores, online platforms, and libraries. You can enjoy these tales in various formats, including e-books and audiobooks, catering to all preferences.


The Amos Decker series is more than just a set of crime novels; it’s a journey through the mind of a unique detective and the complex cases he solves. Start with “Memory Man” and prepare to be hooked!

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