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Discover the Order of Jojo Moyes Books: A Free Guide

In the vast tapestry of contemporary literature, few authors captivate the heart and soul quite like Jojo Moyes (official page). With tales that span continents and emotions, understanding the order of Jojo Moyes’ books could be essential for both new readers and seasoned fans. 

Do you have to Read Jojo Moyes’ Book in order?

In Short, no you do not. Unlike many authors nowadays who publish their books as a series, Moyes publishes unrelated stories in each novel. So it doesn’t really matter if you first read a book published in 2013 and later one that was published in 2003.

Most People, still prefer to read in the order of publication.

Dive into this comprehensive guide and embark on a chronological journey through Moyes’ enchanting narratives, ensuring you don’t miss a beat of her storytelling magic. 

Whether revisiting her tales or stepping into her world for the first time, this guide promises to be your perfect companion.

Jojo Moyes Books in Order

  1. Sheltering Rain (2002)
  2. Foreign Fruit (2003)
  3. Windfallen (2003)
  4. The Peacock Emporium (2005)
  5. The Ship of Brides (2005)
  6. Silver Bay (2007)
  7. Night Music (2008)
  8. The Last Letter From Your Lover (2008)
  9. The Horse Dancer (2009)
  10. Honeymoon in Paris (2012)
  11. The Girl You Left Behind (2012)
  12. Me Before You (2012)
  13. One Plus One (2014)
  14. After You (2015)
  15. Paris for One and Other Stories (2016)
  16. Still Me (2018)
  17. The Giver of Stars (2019)
  18. Someone Else’s Shoes (2023)

1. Sheltering Rain (2002)

order of jojo moyes books

In the vibrant backdrop of 1950s Hong Kong, young Joy’s life turns unexpectedly when she crosses paths with the dashing naval officer, Edward. Their whirlwind romance, culminating in a hasty marriage, promises a life of adventure and travel. 

However, as they set sail on their journey together, Joy soon realizes that the waters of matrimony are more turbulent than she had anticipated. Fast forward to 1980, and a cloud of mystery surrounds Kate, Joy’s daughter, as she abruptly leaves her family home. 

The plot thickens fifteen years later when Kate’s daughter, Sabine, embarks on a quest to connect with the grandparents she’s never met. As the family reunites, long-buried secrets and simmering tensions rise to the surface, revealing a dark, deeply buried family secret. Check my review of this book here.

2. Foreign Fruit (2003)

short stories

The quaint seaside town of Merham, with its breathtaking art deco houses set in the 1950s, is where traditions are revered and societal roles rarely challenged. Lottie Swift, an evacuee who finds solace in the embrace of the respectable Holden family, is enamored by the town’s charm. In stark contrast, Celia, Holden’s daughter, feels stifled by Merham’s conventional ways. 

The town’s equilibrium is disrupted when a group of bohemians take residence in Arcadia, a majestic Art Deco house by the sea. Drawn to this new world of freedom and rebellion, both Lottie and Celia find themselves entangled in a web of choices, leading to consequences that reverberate through time. 

Decades later, the shadows of Arcadia’s past resurface, posing the poignant question: Can one truly escape the chains of the past?

3. Windfallen (2003)

breathtaking art deco house

For Lottie Swift, the grand art deco house, Arcadia, isn’t just a building; it’s a symbol of memories, dreams, and a time when life was full of promise. Overlooking the orderly village of Merham, Arcadia is a testament to adventures had and loves both lost and found. 

Yet, as the years roll on, Lottie’s life and the once-immaculate house fall into disrepair, mirroring each other’s decay. Enter Daisy Parsons, a young designer with dreams of restoring Arcadia to its former glory. 

Seeking solace from her fractured past and the challenges of impending motherhood, Daisy discovers not just a project in the house but also a deep connection to its history. As she peels back the layers of Arcadia, she finds echoes of Lottie’s life intertwined with her own, forging a bond that transcends time. If you are interested, also check out my full review.

4. The Peacock Emporium (2005)

a thousand naval officers

In the vibrant era of the Sixties, Athene Forster, a young woman, was the embodiment of rebellion and extravagance. Known as the “Last Deb,” her beauty and reckless behavior became the talk of the town, and whispers of her indiscretions began to circulate shortly after her marriage. 

Decades later, Suzanna Peacock seeks solace from the weight of her mother’s notorious past in her quaint shop, the Peacock Emporium. This enchanting space becomes a haven for Suzanna, offering her not just a respite from her strained marriage but also igniting the flames of a passion she had never known. 

Yet, the shadow of Athene’s legacy looms large, and Suzanna realizes that to truly move forward, she must first confront the ghosts of the past.

5. The Ship of Brides (2005)

romantic novel

Post-world war Australia, 1946, saw 650 brides embarking on a voyage to England, eager to reunite with the men they had wed during the tumultuous times. Their dreams of a luxurious journey are quickly dashed when they find themselves aboard an aircraft carrier, sharing space with a thousand men. 

Amidst the scorching sun and vast expanse of the sea, past promises and old romances begin to fade, giving way to new tensions and second thoughts about their wartime nuptials.

For one bride, Frances Mackenzie, the journey becomes a profound reflection on life, making her realize that sometimes the voyage holds more significance than the final destination.

6. Silver Bay (2007)

house falling

Haunted by a past, young Liza McCullen and her young daughter, Hannah, seek refuge in the serene landscapes of Silver Bay. The pristine beaches and close-knit community offer her and her daughter Hannah a semblance of peace and safety. 

However, the tranquillity of Silver Bay is disrupted with the arrival of Mike Dormer. This Englishman, with his sharp attire and unsettling gaze, threatens to unearth Liza’s carefully guarded secrets.

 More than just jeopardizing the family business and the bay’s cherished whales, Mike’s presence challenges Liza’s firm belief that she’s undeserving of love and happiness.

7. Night Music (2008)

young husband

Isabel Delancey, once a celebrated classical violinist, had lived a life of privilege and comfort. But fate deals her a cruel hand when her husband’s sudden demise leaves her drowning in debt. 

Forced to uproot her family, they relocate to the Spanish House, a crumbling manor in the English countryside that Isabel inherited. As the walls of their new home seem to close in on them, Isabel, desperate and running out of options, turns to her neighbors for assistance. 

Little does she know that her mere presence has awakened old passions and obsessions within the community.

8. The Last Letter From Your Lover (2008)

sophie's portrait hangs

Ellie, a modern-day journalist, stumbles upon a poignant letter from 1960 while scouring her newspaper’s archives. The letter, penned by a man urging his lover to abandon her husband, ensnares Ellie in the intricate web of a bygone love story. 

This intrigue is heightened by Ellie’s own clandestine affair with a married man. Parallelly, in 1960, Jennifer wakes up in a hospital, her memory wiped clean by a car accident. As she returns to the familiarity of her home, a concealed letter triggers fragments of memories, reminding her of a love so profound that she is willing to forsake all for it. 

The tales of Ellie and Jennifer, intertwined by fate, passion, and betrayal, are further enriched by the inclusion of genuine ‘last letters’, adding depth and authenticity to this evocative narrative.

9. The Horse Dancer (2009)

image 12

In a secluded corner of London, the art of equestrian ballet is being passed down from Henri Lachapelle to his young granddaughter, Sarah. This age-old tradition, which Henri had mastered in France half a century ago, is their shared passion.

 However, tragedy strikes, leaving the young Sarah to navigate the complexities of life on her own. Meanwhile, Natasha Macauley, a lawyer grappling with personal and professional challenges, including living with her charismatic ex-husband, finds her life at a crossroads. 

When fate intertwines Natasha and Sarah’s paths, Natasha sees an opportunity to make amends. But little does she know, Sarah harbors a secret that has the power to alter their futures irrevocably.

10. Honeymoon in Paris (2012)

image 7

Amidst the allure of belle époque Paris, Sophie, a girl with provincial roots, finds herself entranced by the city’s shimmering charm. Falling in love with the renowned artist Édouard Lefèvre, she quickly realizes that being with someone of his stature comes with its own set of challenges. 

As the city of lights casts its spell, Sophie grapples with the complexities of love and the sacrifices it demands. 

Over a century later, another couple in Paris discovers that the journey of marriage is just the beginning, echoing the timeless dance of love and commitment that transcends eras.

11. The Girl You Left Behind (2012)

image 8

In the war-torn landscape of France during World War I in 1916, Sophie Lefevre is determined to protect her family while her beloved husband Edouard is away at the frontlines. However, the arrival of German officers at her hotel each evening turns her home into a cauldron of tension. 

The situation escalates when the new Kommandant becomes dangerously fixated on a portrait of Sophie, painted by Edouard, leading her down a path of harrowing decisions. 

Fast forward to nearly a century later, and this very portrait finds its place in Liv Halston’s home, a poignant reminder of her late husband. But a serendipitous encounter unveils the painting’s tumultuous history, threatening to upheave Liv’s life again.

12. Me Before You (2012)


Lou Clark’s life is a tapestry of routines and known comforts, from counting the steps between her home and the bus stop to her job at The Buttered Bun teashop. But beneath the surface, she’s grappling with the realization that she might not truly love her boyfriend, Patrick. Unbeknownst to her, life is about to throw her a curveball. 

Enter Will Traynor, a man whose zest for life was snuffed out by a devastating motorcycle accident. Resigned to his fate, he has lost all will to live. 

But when Lou, with her vibrant energy, enters his world, their lives become irrevocably intertwined. In this poignant tale, two souls discover that sometimes, the most unexpected relationships have the power to heal and transform.

13. One Plus One (2014)

image 10

Jess Thomas is the embodiment of resilience. Juggling two jobs, raising two children, and constantly battling financial constraints, she’s a woman who’s been knocked down by life but refuses to stay down. 

On the other side of the spectrum is Ed Nicholls, a man who once had it all but lost everything due to a single mistake. Now, he’s on a quest for redemption. When their worlds collide, Ed, who isn’t looking to be anyone’s savior, and Jess, fiercely independent, realize that sometimes, one plus one can equal something unexpected. 

Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, understanding, and the realization that sometimes, help can come from the most unlikely places.

14. Paris for One (2015)

image 13

Nell, a young woman with a penchant for routine, finds herself on the cusp of an unexpected romantic adventure. Having never set foot in Paris or experienced a romantic getaway, she’s both excited and apprehensive about her mini-vacation. 

But when her boyfriend stands her up, Nell is faced with a choice: retreat to the familiar or embrace the unknown. 

Choosing the latter, Nell embarks on a solo journey in the City of Love, challenging her own perceptions and proving to herself and others that she can step out of her comfort zone.

15. After You (2015)

image 1

Lou Clark’s life is a series of unanswered questions. From her unfulfilling job at an airport bar to the unfamiliarity of her own flat, she’s constantly seeking a sense of belonging. Haunted by past decisions and the lingering pain of lost love, Lou yearns for clarity and purpose.

One fateful night, an unexpected visitor arrives, presenting her with a dilemma: to open her life to new possibilities or remain ensconced in the safety of the familiar. 

As Lou grapples with her choices, she’s reminded of a promise she once made to herself – a vow to truly live, no matter the risks.

16. Still Me (2018)

image 6

Navigating the bustling streets of New York, Lou Clark is acutely aware of the distance that separates her from Sam, her boyfriend in London. 

While she’s found employment with a kind-hearted employer, she can’t shake the feeling that his wife is hiding something. But Lou’s life takes an unexpected twist when she encounters Josh, a man whose presence is eerily reminiscent of someone from her past. 

Torn between memories and the present, Lou faces a heart-wrenching decision. As she stands at life’s crossroads, she realizes that her next step could redefine her future.

17. The Giver of Stars (2019)

image 16

In the heart of Baileyville, Kentucky, Alice Wright feels like a fish out of water. Trapped in a loveless marriage and constantly under the scrutinizing gaze of her overbearing father-in-law and the town’s residents, she yearns for a breath of fresh air. 

Salvation comes in the form of Margery O’Hare and a group of women determined to bring books and knowledge to those in need. As Alice finds solace in this sisterhood, she also discovers a budding romance. 

However, as tensions rise and the town turns against them, Alice is faced with a choice that could cost her newfound freedom and love.

18. Someone Else’s Shoes (2023)

Order of Jojo Moyes books

Nisha Cantor’s luxurious, globe-trotting life comes to a screeching halt when her husband suddenly cuts her off, leaving her without even the shoes on her feet. 

In a twist of fate, those shoes, along with Nisha’s gym bag, end up in the hands of Sam Kemp, a 47-year-old woman struggling to keep her life afloat. As Sam steps into Nisha’s shoes, she experiences a surge in confidence and an unexpected boost in her career. 

But Nisha is determined to reclaim her life, starting with her shoes. As their paths intertwine, both women realize that walking in someone else’s shoes might lead to unexpected revelations and transformations.

Jojo Moyes Book Series

The Girl You Left Behind Series

  1. Honeymoon in Paris (2012)
  2. The Girl You Left Behind (2013)

Me Before You Series

  1. Me Before You (2012)
  2. After You (2015)
  3. Still Me (2018)

Jojo Moyes Novellas

  1. Honeymoon in Paris (2012)
  2. Paris for One (2015)

Jojo Moyes Short Story Collection

  1. Paris for One and Other Stories (2016)

Jojo Moyes Standalone Books

  1. Sheltering Rain (2002)
  2. Foreign Fruit (2003)
  3. Windfallen (2003)
  4. The Peacock Emporium (2005)
  5. The Ship of Brides (2005)
  6. Silver Bay (2007)
  7. Night Music (2008)
  8. The Last Letter From Your Lover (2008)
  9. The Horse Dancer (2009)
  10. One Plus One (2014)
  11. Paris for One and Other Stories (2016)
  12. The Giver of Stars (2019)
  13. Someone Else’s Shoes (2023)

How Many Books Has Jojo Moyes Written?

Jojo Moyes, the acclaimed author, has penned a total of 18 books, encompassing both standalone novels and those within a series. Her literary contributions have captivated readers worldwide, showcasing her versatility and prowess as a storyteller.


Jojo Moyes’ literary journey is a testament to the power of storytelling. Through her 18 books, she has woven tales that resonate with readers across the globe, touching on themes of love, loss, self-discovery, and the intricate tapestry of human relationships. 

Each novel, whether a standalone or part of a series, offers a unique exploration of life’s complexities, reminding us of the shared experiences that bind us all. For those who have traveled alongside her characters, Moyes’ stories are more than just words on a page; they are windows into different worlds, reflections of our own challenges, and beacons of hope in times of uncertainty. 

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to her work, this comprehensive guide serves as a roadmap to the heart and soul of one of contemporary literature’s most cherished voices. Dive in, and let the magic of Jojo Moyes’ storytelling sweep you away.


What is the real name of Jojo Moyes?

Pauline Sara Jo Moyes

When was Jojo Moyes Born?

Jojo Moyes was born August 4, 1969, in Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom

What is Jojo Moyes’ Genre?

Moyes writes Romantic Novels, so her genre would be Romance.
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