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12 Must-Read Books Like ‘Ugly Love’ for Romance Lovers

Diving deep into the romantic tales of Colleen Hoover’s “Ugly Love,” many romance book lovers crave more. The raw emotions, intricate relationships, and the roller coaster journey of love resonate deeply, making us yearn for more tales of heartbreak, healing, and romance. 

If Colleen Hoover’s “Ugly Love” has seized your heart, making you yearn for more books like “Ugly Love,” you’re in for an unforgettable love story treat. Here are 12 similar books that promise the same depth of emotion and complexity, each capturing the essence of love in its many forms.

1. November 9 by Colleen Hoover

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Returning to the captivating world of bestselling author Colleen Hoover, “November 9” is a story that expertly interweaves grief, self-discovery, and acceptance, akin to Colleen Hoover’s books. Contrary to many “insta-love” romance narratives often criticized by readers, this gem has secured its spot among the beloved reads of CoHo enthusiasts. 

The tale unravels around Fallon and Ben, who share an annual tryst. Beginning from a serendipitous meeting at a restaurant, they make a pact to reconnect every year on November 9 until they turn 23. 

Their magnetic pull toward each other deepens with each rendezvous. But like all captivating love stories, theirs, too, harbors a secret. A revelation that threatens to crumble the world they’ve so carefully built.

2. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Drenched in the sunny hues of romance and comedy, “The Unhoneymooners” transports readers to the tropical paradise of Maui. Christina Lauren masterfully crafts a story where fate playfully tosses together Olive Torres and Ethan Thomas. 

Originally the odd ones out, a twist of fate (and an unfortunate bout of food poisoning) thrusts them into a pretend honeymoon. As days pass, the feigned marital bliss blurs into genuine feelings, turning animosity into affection. 

This journey from make-believe romance to an undeniable reality mirrors the unexpected twists in love life, making this romantic comedy a delightful companion for those cherishing Colleen Hoover’s “Ugly Love.” And, for those looking for more, the sequel “The Honeymoon Crashers” promises further adventures.

3. After Perfect by Maan Gabriel

A tale of rediscovery and love, “After Perfect” traces the life of Gabriella Stevens, who finds herself at the crossroads of life post-divorce. At 36, Gabby’s vision of her future is abruptly disrupted, pushing her to embrace the hustle of New York City as a single woman. 

Returning to school and stepping into the professional realm, she stumbles upon love in the form of her creative writing professor, Colt. Despite their age difference and the shadows of Colt’s past, their bond intensifies. 

Their journey, brimming with highs and lows, resonates with the emotional depth similar to “Ugly Love,” making this romance novel a compelling read for those seeking a similar emotional rollercoaster ride.

4. It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Another masterpiece from Colleen Hoover, “It Ends With Us,” stands as a testament to her prowess in delving deep into the complexities of relationships. 

Revered and recognized in literary circles, this book draws readers into themes of abuse, grief, self-discovery, and the agony of unrequited love. It parallels “Ugly Love” in its portrayal of harrowing experiences and multifaceted characters. 

The journey it offers is both heart-wrenching and illuminating, shedding light on the resilience of the human spirit and the tumultuous path of love, making it an essential read for Hoover aficionados.

5. After the Rain by Renee Carlino

Traversing the landscapes of Montana, Renee Carlino’s “After the Rain” paints a poignant tale of two souls finding solace in unexpected places. Avelina, who once found comfort amidst her horses and the exhilarating thrill of rodeo races, grapples with a devastating tragedy. 

Enter Nate, a cardiac surgeon escaping from the haunting aftermath of a medical disaster. His quest for a reprieve from his overwhelming guilt brings him to Montana, where fate intertwines his path with Avelina. 

Both battered by the weight of their pasts, they find an inexplicable solace in one another. As romance readers, we’re pulled into their journey, holding onto the hope that their newfound bond can heal their wounded souls, making it a relationship forever etched in our minds.

6. Fake It Till You Bake It by Jamie Wesley

In a delightful mesh of reality TV aftermath and unexpected romance, Jamie Wesley’s “Fake It Till You Bake It” offers a tale as sweet as the cupcakes that form its backdrop. 

Post a scandalous rejection on a reality dating show, Jada Townsend-Matthews is catapulted into notoriety. Her refuge lies in San Diego’s Sugar Blitz bakery. But life throws another curveball in the form of the bakery’s owner, Donovan Dell, a professional footballer with a penchant for order. 

An innocent misidentification spirals into a faux romance that boosts Jada’s image and Donovan’s ailing bakery. As the lines between pretense and reality blur, readers are whisked into a delightful dance of unexpected emotions and undeniable chemistry.

7. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

John Green’s masterpiece, “The Fault in Our Stars,” stands as a testament to the raw intensity of young love amidst life’s fragility, a theme that often echoes in books like “Ugly Love.” Navigating the treacherous terrains of cancer, Hazel and Gus form an indomitable bond, becoming each other’s anchors. 

With Gus breathing life into Hazel’s world, teaching her to cherish the fleeting moments, their story is both a celebration of life and an ode to love. 

Their journey, filled with the heartbreaks and hopes inherent in life’s uncertainty, resonates deeply with “Ugly Love’s” portrayal of complex relationships and layered characters. An emotionally charged read it promises to linger in readers’ hearts long after the last page.

8. Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

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Hannah Grace’s “Icebreaker” is a delightful rom-com that thrives on the timeless trope of opposites attracting. Set against the icy backdrop of the University of California, Maple Hills, the narrative revolves around the feisty figure skater, Anastasia Allen, and the assertive hockey captain, Nate Hawkins. 

When circumstances force them to share a rink begrudgingly, their contrasting worlds collide with a bang. And when Anastasia’s skating partner faces a predicament, it’s Nate, the very source of her chagrin, who might just morph into her knight in shining armor. 

Reminiscent of the playful tug and pull in “Ugly Love,” but with a lighter touch, “Icebreaker” promises laughter, love, and many icy antics.

9. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

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In the intricate weave of academia and science, Ali Hazelwood’s “The Love Hypothesis” is a vibrant tale of a Ph.D. candidate named Olive Smith. A hard-nosed believer in the empirical nature of science, Olive’s life has always revolved around her research. 

Love and relationships are mere distractions, or so she believes. But when her best friend Anh starts showing affection for Olive’s ex, Olive takes drastic measures, planting a kiss on a stranger in the halls. But this “random” guy, Adam Carlsen, isn’t so random. 

What follows is a pact of pretense, an agreement designed to deceive, but as is often the case in an unforgettable love story, emotions don’t stick to human-made contracts. Olive’s journey through this maze is a testament to the unpredictable nature of the human heart.

10. The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

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Catalina Martín, amidst the romantic beauty of Spain, finds herself ensnared in a web of her own lies. Elena Armas’ “The Spanish Love Deception” is a delightful romantic escapade where Catalina, in desperation, turns to her colleague Aaron Blackford to pose as her American boyfriend. 

Their ruse, intended to dupe her family and perhaps an ex, becomes a dance of intrigue and simmering tension. Aaron, with his alluring arrogance, is the last person she’d wish to be paired with. 

Yet, as the story unfolds, Catalina discovers layers to him, unraveling a man far more complex and intriguing than she’d initially assumed.

11. Things We Never Got Over By Lucy Score

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In the quaint town of Knockemout, Virginia, Lucy Score introduces us to Knox, a man who revels in his solitude, and Naomi, a bride without a wedding. “Things We Never Got Over” is a whirlwind of emotions and unexpected turns. 

When Naomi, fleeing her wedding, descends upon the town to save her twin, she’s thrown into chaos. Her twin, Tina, far from needing rescue, throws Naomi into further disarray, leaving her stranded with an 11-year-old in tow. Knox, watching the drama unfold, finds himself inexplicably drawn to Naomi’s plight. 

Their ensuing relationship, sparked by circumstance and need, evolves into an unforgettable love story neither had anticipated, challenging their beliefs about love and commitment, and making it a must-read for all best friend turned lovers scenarios.

12. The Fine Print by Lauren Asher

a thousand boy kisses

Set against the enchanting backdrop of Dreamland, Lauren Asher’s “The Fine Print” is a romantic narrative pulsating with energy and chemistry. Zahra Gulian, with her infectious enthusiasm, is an employee who dreams of bigger things within the magical confines of this faux Disneyland. 

When fate throws her in the path of Rowan Kane, Dreamland’s director, and her boss, sparks fly. The initial friction between the two gives way to friendship, and in the shadow of Dreamland’s magic, blossoms into love. 

A tale of ambitions, dreams, and the unexpected paths of the heart, “The Fine Print” captures the essence of love in the most unexpected places.


Navigating the vast world of romance novels can be daunting, but this curated list promises readers a journey through love’s multifaceted dimensions. 

Each of these stories, while drawing parallels to the beloved “Ugly Love,” offers unique perspectives on love, relationships, and the myriad challenges accompanying them. 

Whether it’s the tumultuous political backdrop of Indonesia, the shimmering ice rinks of California, or the magical corridors of Dreamland, these romance genre tales span diverse settings yet converge on the universal theme of love, making them perfect for romance readers everywhere.

They remind us that while every love story differs, the quest for connection, understanding, and companionship remains eternal. Happy reading!

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