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Kill Code By Clive Fleury – Book Review

Are you looking for a new book, and the dystopian genre tickles your fancy? If so, Kill Code could well be the ideal next novel for you to get stuck into.

Kill Code' By Clive Fleury - Book Review

However, before you buy any book, even if it seems like a good read, you will want to know if it is any good first. 

That is why we are here, we have taken the time to look at the book, find out everything about it, give it a good read, and find out what others have to say, so you can pick it up off of the shelves, fully prepared for a good story, knowing it is to your taste. 

Kill Code is a new dystopian novel, so it is not exactly unique in its genre, certainly not when it comes to modern reads, but that is not a bad thing. It is popular and has plenty of good things about it. 

So, if you are considering picking up this book and doing some avid page flipping, stick around, and we will prepare you for what Clive Fleury will put you through as you get enveloped in the story! 

What Is It About?

Let’s start with an introduction to what the book is about. 

Kill Code is a dystopian novel, taking place in the year 2031. It falls into the group of books which have been written over the time period since the millennium, that make use of the topic of climate change and its results, oftentimes, pointing out calamity and social catastrophe. 

The rich live in areas where the poor can’t, while the poor scrape by, with death, disease, unemployment, and such. 

Therefore, in a sense, Clive Fleury’s Kill Code does make a point to warn us about the rich, as well as the disastrous potential results of climate change, and the sketchiness and devious attitudes that benefit the government elites. 

In general, this book does not offer anything particularly new or original in terms of its setting, the strongest points of interest, or in any other aspect. However, it is a very well-told story, it comes with plot twists to leave you in shock and awe. 

Some have reviewed the characters to be a bit flat, although fun. Perhaps stereotypical in some regard, however, that is not always bad and could be something that will give us a better sense of familiarity in the disaster thriller dystopia we enter. 

As you may expect our story is set in a world run by the elite, and the poor who scavenge out a form of existence, it also includes an elite military organization and, of course, social rebels (the Krail), it wouldn’t be complete without this, of whom live outside of the towns and cities. 

Fleury introduces us to his protagonist, Hogan Duran, who is an ex-cop, and ex-military, who lost absolutely everything, including his confidence, when he ended up blaming himself for his partner’s injury and confinement to a wheelchair. 

Our hero is given a choice and takes the option to join the NSC (the military organization) but the competition is harsh, including a tech-induced dream that seems real to those participating. 

This unique event is used by Fleury to cause you to wonder what is and is not real in this story, a unique form of storytelling to make you question yourself, and almost put you in the shoes of his protagonist as he himself seems confused and bewildered in a sense.

What To Expect From It – Our Thoughts

Kill Code is not dissimilar to other YA dystopias, it does share some similarities to Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and 5th Wave. It is unique in the sense that it does deal with some more mature themes.

The fantastic world that Fleury has built is full of injustice and conspiracy, with a failed economy and unemployment on the rise.

The best part of all of this is that if we were to imagine the truth of what would happen if climate change did hit hard against our modern world Fleury might not actually be all that far off here.

This is a book about both society and human nature gone wrong and is less of a speculation of what would happen in the event this calamity took place.

However, in spite of the depth and painful realism of what the book covered, it is still a quick-paced book and a very entertaining read.

Kill Code By Clive Fleury Book Review copy

What is more, the book also has a masculine vibe to it, it is led by an adult male (not all that common for YA books), who is fighting for national security. There is quite a bit of action but with good description and future technology thrown in. 

The primary downfall of this book is that it could have done with a bit more detail in setting up how the world ended up in this state. 

Every scene is still written beautifully, but that is no real surprise since Fleury is an award-winning author and a screenwriter too. The protagonist is likable and gets you in the mood for the action the book contains. 

We can say that this book is not for everyone, it is very heavy on the action and this is not necessarily something that everyone will enjoy, however, if you want an action book, this is most certainly the book for you! 

Description Of Kill Code

Usually, when we go to buy a book, we read the blurb before we buy, to get a proper idea of what to expect. While we have given you plenty of information on what to expect from the story, if you want to read the blurb too, you needn’t fret. 

We have it right here for you to save you any tedious searching to try and find it! 

When the Oceans Rise The Truth Drowns. 

It is the year 2031. Our future. Their present. A world decimated by climate catastrophe, where the sun’s heat is deadly, and the ocean levels rise higher every day. The world is ruined by the rich, corrupt, and powerful. A world where good men do not survive for long. 

Hogan Duran was once a good man. He was a cop, but he was forced to resign in disgrace when he was unable to save his partner from a bullet. Now he lives on the edge of society, he serves cruel masters and scavenges in the trash to live. 

After four years in poverty, he finally has a chance and is invited to join National Security, which protects the rich and powerful. All he has to do is pass their exam, and he will be rewarded beyond his wildest dreams

This can give you a better idea of what the concept is, while the story follows the events of cataclysmic climate change destruction, it primarily focuses on the trials that Duran faces to get himself back out of poverty and living on the top, and the tribulations he faces following this.

What Other Reader’s Think

Sometimes, getting an idea of how other readers have received the book, and what they thought can help you decide if a book is for you. But do note, that not every book is for everyone, and just because someone else doesn’t like it does not mean you will feel the same. review

“Decent dystopian novel – a very quick read. I have seen this compared to Hunger Games, and while this is true, it actually reminds me more of Mad Max with Mel Gibson.

A lot of plot twists, and interesting characters. I would have preferred a longer story with more depth, but I would read a sequel. – Monica, 3 out of 5 Stars. 

Amazon Review

Very well-written prose with a gripping narrative. I was drawn into the story from the start, and the author has a very good command of characterization. It is a page-turner that transports you to another world – Azeem K, 4 out of 5 Stars.

One interesting factor we did see from the many reader reviews was that there was a notation of it not being suitable for disabled readers to the representation of Hogan’s friend Max. While not negative, not being highly positive or constructive either. 

Some people had distaste due to this, but it is best you make your mind up on how you feel about this representation.


Overall, Kill Code is a good dystopian novel that focuses on the social and economic downfall of the postmodern world after cataclysmic climate change. While many seem to enjoy the book it is very masculine and action-packed. 

It is not a suitable novel for everyone, but if you enjoy masculine and action-packed reading then we are sure you will enjoy Kill Code! 

It is available on for a good price, and even better if you read on Kindle!

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