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The Long Body That Connects Us All by Rich Marcello

Hark thee, oh weary traveller, scrolling down the posts, listen with your heart what the words say to you

Take a moment, savor them, laugh with joy, the beauty that understanding the words bestow on you…

My review

Such is the ethereal quality of Rich Marcello’s words in his book The Long Body That Connects Us All. In this vast literary world, there are some words which add meaning to life, some which explain the meaning of life. But rarely are there words which just breathe in life. Rich Marcello’s book is one such which sings the sonnets of life.

It is said the beauty of the heart is reflected in the purity of the notes that it sings. Rich’s clear notes are heard all through the poems in his compilation of sixty one poems. Rich has flung a note into the air, and it resonates back in all our hearts.

His book starts with β€” a piece of bark β€”

I know the tree is in great pain now as vulnerable as I am,

having lost its armor, its beauty, its sleeve of hope

a poem filled with so much pain and grief, that a heart cannot help but overfill with emotions and fall down as tears. Beautiful, poignant, heart warming.

Rich Marcello, a poet extraordinaire, has taken his life experiences and put them into lyrical words from every walk of life. His words tell us how to be a good father, a good man, and a good human. In the humdrum of life, where the pace is fast, emotions are low, Rich’s words act as a mirror, to reflect back, to think, to analyse what is important, to enrich our core and go back to the roots.

We belong to us first before we belong to the world is brought forth in his poem belong to no one

On most days, days of normal hours,

fill the small simple moments with kindness and compassion,

And belong to no one except yourself.

Rich’s poems emote the pathway of life, some lonely, some together, but all have a goodness in them. He has spun pure gold with his thoughts to words, a complete work, where each poem reflects the pathway of life, each of us is on. Whatever be the strife of life, his poems have a spiritual quality in making us think and bringing us back to humanity, kindness, and love

I read the book twice, once to get a gist of the entire saga, and second to understand each word and each line. I had to take a pause in between poems, to imbibe the word, allow it to settle in my brain, to enjoy the flavor which the meaning brought, and to bathe in the enlightenment, when the understood words brought joy and light.

The words in the poem Sunlit and Suffering brought light to my life, when Rich says

But I’ve lived long enough to know he can’t hear me now

So, instead, I pray forgiveness washes over him instead of snlight

The darkness of heart is only relieved by the light of forgiveness, so beautifully portrayed in his poem

I generally read the book, front to back, and I loved the acknowledgement the poet has made to his family especially to his son to be a good human to be a good father, hoping that his words resonate in his son forever.

Words from the poem the long body

Mostly may you accept the love in each other and in yourselves.

For it’s that gift that lets you see clearly

the long body that connects us all

Mr. Rich Marcello’s words resonated in my heart, and his love for his wife and son made me a complete fan of his words. Bellissima!!

My rating : 5 stars

About the Author

Rich Marcello is a poet, a songwriter and musician, a creative writing teacher at Seven Bridges’ Writer Collaborative, and the author of three novels, “The Color of Home,” “The Big Wide Calm,” and “The Beauty of the Fall.” Rich’s books deal with life’s big questions: love, loss, creativity, community, aging, selfdiscovery. His novels are rich with characters and ideas, crafted by a natural storyteller, with the eye and the ear of a poet. For Rich, writing and art making is about connection, or as he says, about making a difference to a least one other person in the world, a goal he strives to achieve each day as an artist and a teacher. Rich lives in Massachusetts on a lake with his family and two Newfoundlands, Ani and Shaman. He is currently working on his fourth novel, “The Latecomers.”

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Book blurb

Provocative and profound, Rich Marcello’s poems are compact but expansive, filled with music as seductive as their ideas, and focused mostly on how to be a good man. This is a collection of deep passion and wisdom for fathers, husbands, and sons, but also for mothers, wives, and daughters, many who began with a longing for the things they were taught to desire by their forefathers, only to later discover a different path, one lit by loss and welcoming of the vulnerable, one made of the long body that connects us all.

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Publication date : 21st January, 2018

Publisher : Langdon Street Press

Language : English

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