About Me


I am a doctor, an anaesthesiologist, working in the medical field since the past 20 years. I have always been passionate about reading whether it is a journal, text book, or novels. Though I prefer the novels. 

Since the past 3 years, I have been exploring my creative side. So now, I am a blogger, a writer, a reviewer, a beta reader, and a free lancing editor. On this blog, I started with reviewing books, went on to writing my thoughts and feelings, followed by book publicity, blog tours and cover reveals, excerpts. Now I am branching out to other kind of reviews. 

I am a closet shopaholic too, and I love bargains and sales. I love books, shoes, purses, gadgets, beauty products etc., so why not review what I buy?

My words can be found in different categories in the menu 

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It is said the sky is the limit, so now I want to explore my skies and go soaring….


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