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This blog was started by me purely from my love for reading books. I read books according to my mood. I read all genre in fiction except erotica and abuse. The review would be my honest journey into your book. 

I am accepting requests of reviews for children’s books. A physical copy of the book for review would be preferable to a digital copy. But I am open to both formats.

I am accepting books for review directly from Publishers. I would prefer a digital copy preferably in mobi format.

I am accepting books for honest reviews from authors directly, if the story interests me. If I ask you to send me the book, kindly send it in mobi format along with book blurb, an excerpt, book cover pic, author bio, author pic, author contact details, and book links.

I offer book spotlight for authors who want to publicize their books on my blog (or when I don’t have time to review or when I don’t like the book). Let me know if that is acceptable in the mail you send along with the book details

I conduct BLOG TOURS for authors and publishers who want to publicize their books and promote their writing on my blog and others. 



Blog Tours 

Kindly check out my terms and conditions on the link Digital Reads Blog Tours


Beta Reading Services

I beta read and edit both work in progress and complete manuscripts

Kindly check the terms and conditions on the link  Digital Reads et al

My beta reading preferences

I read all genre of books for beta reading, fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, self-help, spiritual books.



5 starsI was ecstatically happy; the book made my heart sing; I don’t care about the niggles in the plot

4 stars – I was happy; the book was enjoyable; there might have been a niggle or two

3 stars – I was satisfied; the book was okay; but it had more than 2 niggles

2 stars – I was not happy, I didn’t like the book, it had too many niggles

1 star – I hated it, the book had only niggles 

DNFI am sorry, I can’t waste my time on earth reading this

I would read 50 – 100 pages before DNFing it

I add a disclaimer here that all the terms noted here are subject to changes at my discretion. Time taken for me to review a book is arbitrary. It would be me who would read the book, but occasionally if the book is suitable, my mother might add her insights to the review. If the book is less than 3 stars, I would change it to a book spotlight. 

Thank you for reading



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