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7 Simple Tricks to Remembering Names by Travis Tyler

My review

The blogging community knows not, the real life people know the truth. I can’t remember names!! Oh yes it’s true, and it’s horrifying. Especially when I go to the conference, and I am caught looking at the name tags to recall my colleagues’ names. And these are all the people, I have studied with, worked with, and I meet them quarterly in conferences. It’s become a joke in these places, as most people know it. Quite embarrassing!!!

And you guessed it!! I do have a conference in the forthcoming month, so I downloaded this book 7 Simple Tricks to Remembering Names just to get a basic gist of how to remember my colleagues’ names. And to my surprise, this book had quite a few easy ways to trick and train the brain to remember. There is repetition, image linking, spelling, grouping of common information, mnemonics, etc.

Repetition this is easy, but I need to link the name with the RIGHT face, so it is better if it is linked with image – seems simple, should work well!!

Spelling – imagine a big blackboard and spell the name till it is stored in the brain – seems a cool way!!

These two seem the easiest and should work in a jiffy, at the quarterly meetings.

In 36 pages, the author has taken time to touch upon all 7 points, in detail in simple, easy to grasp language, with clear cut examples, so that re-training the brain away from the older not so workable methods, become easy.

The author, Travis Tyler, also touches upon a very interesting point – the Memory Palace (sighhhh this reminded me of Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch, where an episode had a villain with the Memory Palace) Travis too also explains how to construct our own Memory Palace, so that remembering names and other details about a person becomes easy, and it is stored in a part of our brain – sounds great!! Right?? Well, anything to remember Sherlock.

For book lovers like me, fictionalising a person would also work, imagine him or her to be a part of a story and he/she are immortalized in the brain. Sounds good!!

But practice makes it perfect – so I gotta start training my brain to instantly (or with many tries) capture, repeat, link the names so that remembering them becomes easy. Well, I still have a month to train my brain.

P. S I am supposed to give a talk amongst an informal group of colleagues / Co workers / professors without name tags… YIKES!!

My rating : 4.5 stars

Book blurb

Forgetting a name can be worse than embarrassing—it can cost you in reputation, relationships, or even business. Most of us have trouble remembering things — we’re only human, after all. The good news: Your brain has enormous memory capacity; you just need to learn how to use it.

7 Simple Tricks to Remembering Names is here to help with easy-to-remember tricks you can use anytime, anywhere.

You will learn:
•Why the human brain discards information—even information you’ll need
•How to memorize names (and more!) and access them anytime
•How to build your “memory palace” and store all the information you want
•Memory techniques that work for YOU

Read 7 Simple Tricks to Remembering Names and start making better connections now.

Product Details

Publication date : 12th January, 2018

Publisher : Self

Language : English

Remembering names made easy

86 thoughts on “7 Simple Tricks to Remembering Names by Travis Tyler Leave a comment

  1. Loved that (and all.episides) of Sherlock. I had a grade school soccer refetee tell me to imagine the name branded on the person’s forehead. Gross, I don’t do that. But I sure remember his name. I’m good at it though not as much as before. The first thing you must finish STOP saying you’re bad with names. Say I’m great at remembering names. I also play games. I had a college professor named Nalini. So your name is easy. Others could be Hairy Gary or Prancy Nancy. I am A Dude Abikes. You likes?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha I think I don’t remember names because I don’t want to… My mind just categorizes as not important… Or they have played some politics at work, so I have kind of let go. I do remember all the people who have been nice to me, so I think it is kind of selective


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