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An Invitation

I would like to extend an invitation all my blogger friends and family to watch this space on Thursday 19th of April 2018 at 7 pm IST and 9 am New York EST.

James J Cudney IV has bestowed the honor of chatting with me both formally and a bit informally into a 2-hour long spread over 2 days, repartee which has now developed into a wonderful post (at least, I hope so, fingers and toes crossed)

Since my briefed friend, an esteemed blogger, and an author extraordinaire kind of forgot about me (just kidding, he wouldn’t dare to), I know he is busy in his reading and blogging, I am extending this invitation to both his and my blogging world.

Knowing Jay and me, (in case you do not know) sometimes we are a bit whacky and since I want Jay to be present in all his senses, (Jay, you know what I mean) I call upon my cozy babe Nina to keep a watch over him and the drinks, amongst other stuff.

Join us on Thursday as the post goes live

Be warned that it is a slightly longer post, would need your time and patience to read it all.

I do hope you guys enjoy, as much as we guys enjoyed going back and forth over it.

It might be confusing initially, and I take full responsibility for the confusing parts, as I went a bit berserk while chatting with Jay. The credit of this post goes to Jay as he tried to walk the straight and the narrow, with some gentle teasing from me.

Jay, this is my first time doing a post with you. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

This was my informal invitation. The formal one would be given by Jay on his blog.



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