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To the nameless, faceless people who come to my blog to attack me on my reviews — DON’T

I don’t go to anybody’s blog and write nasty comments on their views or book reviews, so don’t come to mine to abuse me.

Don’t come to my blog and attack me or my profession. You will be blocked. We have enough bullies in this world, we don’t need it in the blogging world.

You have a different point of view, that’s great. I commend you for that. Write it on your own godamn fucking blog!!

If you have the freedom of speech — that’s wonderful. I HAVE TOO, AND I AM EXERCISING IT ON MY BLOG AS MY REVIEW. If you don’t like it, don’t read my reviews. Plain and simple!!



I have been harassed continuously for one review which was written a year ago, which has been done and forgotten. Yet unknown people think it is fun to cast aspersions and doubts on me and my profession.

I write reviews because I like writing. I am not here to cater to author or her friends!! There are times I write fiery reviews, I don’t force anyone to read them. If I don’t like something in the book, I say it even if it is contrary to public opinion.

As people comment on my blog “just saying” or “no offense” I am telling you it is offensive, and I will take offence.

So again, I repeat


Ah, yes


I am generally very polite, but this has gone far enough, and I have reached my absolute limit.

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  1. I didn’t thin people we actually like that on here. It’s ridiculous how some people go on. It’s your opinion which you’re entitled to. Just forget about their lack of understanding and just carry on.

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    • Exactly, such abuse has become common. I wonder why. Can people not have a difference of opinion? If all of us had the same opinion, we would become just clones, not the people vibrant people that we are today.

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  2. Oh. It’s so sad that a person like you, so talented and amazing has to deal with these jobless people who have nothing better to do than bring down amazing people. Best Wishes, I love your blog and your reviews. Love, C.❤💖

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  3. I’m sorry this is happening to you. It Is uncalled for and unfair to harass and bully anyone. Your blog and your thoughts on a book are yours alone. I assume you haven’t changed your review as you are still being attacked for it. I am not aware of the review you are referring to but, I say “good for you” for sticking by what you wrote initially xx

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    • I keep on getting on getting insults for that review even after a year. She is a bestseller, she has new books every few months, nobody even reads that review. But somehow people keep finding that review and attacking me on it.
      It is my view and I am standing because what was shown in that, I didn’t like. The author came to a rushed ending where the main character is not stable enough to do such a thing. Yet they keep on attacking me. Lots of people do a lot of things to get pregnant.
      I have just said such a thing cannot be done by MC. And they keep on abusing me. Every couple of months.

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      • It sounds like you have justified reasons for mentioning this. It sounds as if this author has a loyal following and love the books, I can appreciate that view. But I really don’t agree with how people can attack another readers opinion, if you didn’t like a book it shows in a review if you try to make out you liked it. Honesty is always the best policy xx

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      • I agree. It is such an old review, I couldn’t even find it via the WP app on the phone, I had to really search for it, and learn how to disable comments. It is so stressful when I am not feeling well.

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  4. Shalini,

    I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with this. Reviews can cause people to explode. Words hurt and sometimes people don’t realize how much of an impact they can have. There’s always a fair and polite way to respond, and this person seems not to be taking a more professional high road. Hopefully it ends and things are better.

    You’re a very smart, dedicated, and caring person from everything you’ve shared or our conversations. It’s unfair but you’re strong and you will push through it. 🙂


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  5. I’m so sorry Shalini. I am amazed at how immature and hurtful some people can be. As a reader, I can honestly say I appreciate every one of your reviews. It helps me choose whether or not to download a particular book. And as an author, I sincerely appreciate your feedback on all aspects of each story. You definitely know your stuff, and to me, your opinion counts very much. For those who can’t accept or understand that, well, you said it best in your post. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Leslie, I write fiery reviews rarely when I get angry about the certain facts. This happened one year ago, but the authors friends followers keep attacking me, for saying that such a thing is not possible for the main character, and things were rushed. Though I did write in very critical words. A bestseller author with entire set of editors and publishing team can think of modifying 3 lines to make it more plausible. But every few months I have to delete critical comments. It was affecting my health. Hence this post.
      How are you doing? YOUR SUPPORT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME.


      • Haha. The Healer is almost ready for you, my dear…just working on the final revisions now. He’ll be in your inbox soon. 🙂 Seriously, don’t let those assholes get you down. You’re an amazing reviewer and I look forward to each of your posts. 🙂

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      • Thank you so much… Hey your healer is amazing. He and your words healed me.
        On a serious note, your words really soothed me. Helped me stabilize from the inside out 😘😘


  6. I dealt with that when I first started reviewing here and on Goodreads. I set my comments to be moderated and started deleting the nasty ones. Goodreads, I just let them go on. In my eyes, the nastier they get, the more they look like immature assholes.((hugs)) so sorry that happened to you!!!

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  7. Which review is this Dollface?? The point of a review is for us to state OUR OPINION, see the key word there people?? OPINION!!! We’re not saying our word is Law, we’re stating OUR THOUGHTS! Everyone has a right to their own opinions as well, I just wish that people could state them in a polite and adult manner.

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    • Nicole, it us some review more than a year back. I couldn’t find it on my app on phone. I had to open the laptop and literally search for it. I was very angry, I don’t write such angry reviews any more. But that day, the book triggered me. The author came, blasted me, I told her point of view, she understood and the matter was sorted.
      Then came her groupies, each one had a thing to say every month, now every two months, I get to hear this crap.
      It has reached a limit now as she attacked my profession and indicated that I had been accredited by a false university. Apparently she is a lesbian so she knows more, or some thing like that she went on, another one claimed to be a nurse, another one claimed to be a professional etc.
      Hence the expletives in today’s post

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  8. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I thought this was such a great community. The love is real in this beautiful community. But I guess there are a few bad apples here as well. Not every book appeals to every reader. I don’t quite understand why an author would abuse you in such a way. We’re entitled to our bookish opinions. Again, not every book appeals to a reader. This is nuts! Don’t let these people get you down!!

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  9. Hi Shalini. Hugs to you. I am so angry on your behalf. You have every right to express yourself in your review on your blog. No one has any right to attack you for it. I’m sorry anyone is putting you through such utter crap!!! Can you block comments on that post? Not that you should need to.

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  10. Sorry to hear you’re having these problems, Shalini . You review books. It says so quite clearly on your entry page. You are obviously going to express an opinion and it may well differ from some of your readers. But that’s as it should be. It’s good to hear varying points of view. If people want only to see positive things written about their favourite authors, they should visit fan sites and stop reading intelligent criticism. (Steps off soapbox.) Sending lots of warm and friendly thoughts in your direction. 😊

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    • Thank you so much. But these are not readers who have read the book and have a difference of opinion, these are unknown women who write messages and criticize me because for me the idea the author had taken to explain the plot was a bit too much and I felt it lacked research. And I didn’t believe that their main character would think of such elaborate plot as she was psychotic. And there were couple of other facts which were not researched. As I said I wrote these on my blog and the author too accepted why I didn’t like the plot. but yet every 2 months I have such messages from unknown people. that is pure harassment for something nobody read. hardly 5 people including the author and few of her fans read the review. no idea why they are so hyper about it

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  11. So sorry to know that you have been troubled from so long. Please don’t care about such nasty people and their senseless comments…you are doing a great job…you are one of fav where in I have read most of your reviews and then turned towards adding them to my library. Let me know if you need help….your true supporter.

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    • That is so kind of you, really sweet. I have disabled comments on that post, and I would never read that author’s books.
      I am your fav… Yayyy totally made my day…
      It has just been a couple of bad weeks with a demanding author and now with some floozies attacking me for my reviews on my own blog. People have no other work.


  12. Unfortunate, really unfortunate. These things seem to be getting out of hand on social media platforms. I thought WordPress is different and people are mature enough to read or ignore if they do not like a particular piece. Mature discussion can settle such contrasting views, as it does happen in literature. Let not such criticisms affect your work.

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  13. I’m sorry, shoog. That’s bullshit. Authors have no business getting nasty with reviewers and other fans can fuck off too. You have the right to have and express your opinion. It’s not like you personally attacked someone! (I’m assuming, because you’re not that way.)
    *If* you happen to open the comments again, make sure we’ve got links, okay? 😘
    Also, I might somehow be following you by WP and email now (because my WP app and browser don’t always keep up with each other), which is totally cool, I just wanted to let you know I didn’t unfollow then follow again.
    And another thing… well said. You have to take care of yourself and that means no taking shit from people! Way to put it out there!

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    • Hahaha yp this was one of my full-on getting it out there, kind of a post. I was bullied almost every month because I didn’t believe in the author’s medical facts. The author sent me links, her fans sent me links, and other fans who are nurses, lesbians and professionals sent me links and explanations without having read the book. Sighhhh.
      And then they said I am a fake doc with a fake degree and that’s when I had to tell them to fuck off. This doc has spent 3 decades in medicine, definitely knows her more than them… Well it was fun writing this post filled with anger!!

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