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Spam – check your folder

I am making a heartfelt request to all the bloggers whom I follow and who follow me, I do post a comment on most of the blogs I read.

Can you please check the spam folder here on WordPress and on your mail, as I have mailed most of you and perhaps mail me back??





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  1. In the part where you write the new blog on the phone or computer, there is a comments category, click on that and you will get more drop down categories like all pending bin and spam. Click on spam

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      • I have a feeling that is what happens to me. I come on and go through all my messages and sometimes end up in spam when really I’m not doing that many which you would think would be more apt to trigger it.

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  2. I have this problem till today. Daily i should get a bunch of emails from blogs i follow, but only 10 max. 20 arrive in my mailbox. There is also nothing inside the spamfolder. And why i use a own mailserver the problems are only could be within the system. ;-(
    Lets hope they sometimes will get it right. Michael

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