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Review – Faithless by Laura Legend


My review

This book had everything I like in a main character : kickass heroine who has power and magic, who knows martial arts, and my personal favorite one who can fight with a katana, knife, and a sword.

A debut by Laura Legend had everything I like in a team with Cass, Richard, Zach, and Aunt Miranda all joining together to fight an ancient evil. Cass and her team had to run to ancient churches searching for the pieces of one Real Cross.

The story had everything which I generally like: a plot which read fast, secrets around every character which would make it intriguing, a power which would appear in Cass in times of need, and a cat named Atlantis who saved her. The characters cared for each other, there was a wholesomeness to them. They did work well together.


The truth of something missing niggled me. At 187 pages, I couldn’t finish it at one sitting. The story gripped me in parts but not fully. The emotions were nice but not rich. The plot was good but not exhilarating. The secrets were intriguing but did not keep me at the edge of the seat.

There was something missing…

Overall a good read, I did enjoy the fight scenes. Maybe book 2 would be smashing.

My rating : 3 stars

Book blurb

Cassandra Jones has never been that good with people. She’s blunt. She’s a terrible barista. To let off steam, she prefers kickboxing to yoga.
And then she learns that her life has been a lie.
Magic is real. Vampires hunt the living.
And her mother’s death was no accident.
Now Cass is in the crosshairs thanks to her newfound powers as a Seer—an extremely rare ability within the magical world.
Caught up in an ancient battle, Cass must decide who to trust as she races against time to stop the leader of the Lost vampires before he becomes too powerful.
But things aren’t always black and white.
Sometimes you have to kill the vampires.
And sometimes you want to keep one alive.

Product Details

Publication date : 6th August, 2018

Fantasy of biblical times

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  1. Hmmm…I guess this one had pretty much everything in it to become a total classic, and in the end fell kind of short. Really annoying when that happens 😢 Still…the characters sound cool though! Especially the one you describe with the Katana, Knife and Sword 😊 Another fantastic review! 😊😊

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