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Song for a Lost Kingdom by Steve Moretti

Today, I start the blog tour with the review of the book The Song for a Lost Kingdom. The author Steve Moretti is fabulous, he not only writes well, but he is an extremely lovely person to speak to.

Digital Reads Blog Tours presents The Song for a Lost Kingdom

My review

I have heard that music connects the people of this world. This is the first time that music has connected time. A haunting symphony, a beautiful melody the notes which travel through space to find the rightful owner who could play the soulful piece.

The bridge for this symphony spanning the 1700s and 2000s was the Cello. Adeena, a brilliant talented musician, plays a Duncan Cello, and suddenly finds herself transported to the 1700s as Katherine Carnegie. She finds herself living in both spans of time, trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Katherine. And it comes with health and career repercussions. She saves one thing and she loses the other.

What does Adeena save? Will she die saving it?

This is Steve Moretti’s debut, and it is a very entertaining read. For most parts, it kept me gripped to the story wanting to get to the truth. I loved the closeness between Adeena and her parents, but I hated that nobody believed her, in spite of the written proof, including the guy who professes to love her the most.

I loved that Adeena was very strong and brave to travel both worlds, but I hated the way she cried so frequently. I loved that Adeena stood up for her principles and had courage of her convictions, but I hated the way she sometimes came across as a spoiled brat. But those were tiny niggles in the entire story.

Time travel is a difficult topic to right on, especially if one is going back in time. To get the era and the characterizations, tone and dialect perfect requires huge research, and I am happy to say that Steve has done a pretty good job in being authentic as well as making the prose easily understandable.

A melody which can span space and time, a Cello which plays that haunting music, and a character who stands up strong in both times – this trio makes this story a mystical fast read.

My rating : 4.5 stars

About the Author

I have always been drawn to passion and creativity in all its forms. I am equally fascinated by the mechanics of the universe and the characters of history. I have a special affection for the power of music which I believe is the universal language of human emotion.

My writing journey started in journalism, public relations and advertising then continued into software development (yes that involves writing)! Recently I finished a screenplay and my first novel, and am now embarking on this a full-time career.

I grew up in London, Ontario and also lived in Pompano Beach, Florida as a teenager. I moved to Ottawa and attended Carleton University many years ago and now live just south of the city with my wife, daughter and four dogs with attitude.

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Book blurb

Music is not bound by time…
Adeena Stuart is a struggling cellist ready to give up on her dream of landing a spot with the National Arts Centre Orchestra. All that changes when she receives a musical score, lost for almost 300 years in a Scottish castle, sent by her dying grandmother.

When the score is played on the oldest surviving cello ever made in the UK, the music connects Adeena directly to the past as Katharine Carnegie, struggling to find words to complete her symphonic tour-de-force in the midst of 18th Century political rebellion that is tearing apart Scotland and England.

But Adeena is not a scientist or historian. What she wants more than anything is to create and compose. As she is buffeted back and forth between the past and present, she grows to want more of the past, even though the promise of her most yearned-for professional dream is coming true.

With a clear voice that sets us in modern day Ottawa and old world Scotland, Song for a Lost Kingdom, Book I, begins a journey of discovery between two women who share the same musical soul and love for the same doomed man.

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  1. Great review! 😘 I’m doing the blog tour post on Saturday, and I was wondering if it was okay to publish the synopsis/excerpt/everything without a review. An unexpected trip came up (well, not unexpected, but it is going to be longer than I expected) and I could manage to write one but I don’t like to rush it and mess it all up just because I have to finish. I would do the blog tour post by putting everything else in it, and then I would post a review sometime next week. Would it be okay? 😬

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