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Book Review – Murder With all the Trimmings by Shawn Reilly Simmons

This was a murder mystery which traversed from the case of the body in the suitcase to the body in the box. My first book by the author Shawn Reilly Simmons in the series of Red Carpet Catering with Penelope at the helm, a chef and an amateur detective.

The story occured in the Vitrine Theatre in NYC where a case of fraudulent identity led to murder. Penelope being the caterer to the dancing troupe of the theatre found herself right in the midst of it all, with clues leaping out to her. She did manage to solve most of the plot, though the ghostly one was left for another day.

The book left me with mixed emotions, my niggles couldn’t be silenced. I wanted more of a solid investigation, it gave me bits of it. I wanted all the clues falling well in together, I was left with unanswered questions. Since I have not read the rest in the series, it left me feeling like an outsider who was not connected to the main character.

The book did keep me stuck to it on a dreary Sunday as I really wanted to know the reason why the bodies were strangulated and stabbed and stuffed in a tiny place. The 3S…

I received an ARC from Edelweiss and publisher Henery Press, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Publication Date: 13th November 2018

Publisher: Henery Press

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  1. Ah you’re on Edelweiss now. I still have to check them out. Happy on only NG for now… well my TBR is. Lol
    I like food in a cozy… well.. I like food… 😉
    It still sounds like a series I’d consider… but I guess I’d need to start from Book 1. Lol. I know for some series you can get away with popping in mid series.

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