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Book Review – Hire Idiots by Prof. I. M. Nemo @damppebbles #BookReview #BlogTour #mystery

Many thanks to Emma and Damp Pebbles Blog Tours for my spot on this Blog Tour.

Whoa!! A different read indeed. A murder of an eminent professor caused a furore and left everyone in a tizzy, cops were called and investigation began. Professor Van Dyke decided to give a helping hand to them, especially to Detective Siobhan Reardon. He was the prime suspect, so you see he had to stick to her… I mean stick by her.

My first book by Prof. I. M. Nemo, I had to laugh at the quirkiness of the prose. A tongue in cheek kind of droll humor interspersed the story as the investigation progressed. The author was adept at writing about financial shenanigans and politics of the college and its professors. Some of the theatrics kept my attention hovering over the book till I completed it

Characters were many, each different from the others. Some wanting their own profits, you know the illegal kinds… Van Dyke was funny and serious, his heart set on winning the lively Siobhan. Their interactions, though serious at times, amused me as I knew how much the professor longed for her. He was a bit old-fashioned, and I liked that.

Professor was quite a sleuth. In his first attempt at trying to solve this whodunit, he did manage to use his bumbling ways and the perp was caught, in a roundabout manner, so to say. Cut throat office politics played to the aura of the book, and a fire in the theater at the end added to the pandemonium of this murder mystery.

A different style of writing where murder was not the only focus, but the atmosphere of a college campus and consequences of the vacant space on the education board left behind by the dead man, made its inroads into the prose. I had to force my attention many a time to come back to the story at hand.

Cheeky humor dodged my steps as Van Dyke and the lovely Siobhan traversed the pages, showing me the delights of this cute murder mystery. Overall, a fun read.

I received a free ARC from Emma and the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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‘This is a work of fiction.Any resemblance to the living or the dead is purely coincidental and ought to make you ashamed at the comparison.’


Unfortunately, the murder may get lost in the confusion of new vice presidents, marketers, focus groups, assessors and protestors as the administration tries to make education profitable. There’s no time for mystery!

Professor Clarence Van Dyke finds himself bewildered by the changes, but determined to get to the bottom of the killing. He wants his friend to rest in peace – or perhaps he just wants to spend more time with the attractive Detective Riordan. But isn’t he the primary suspect?

Publication Date: 10th August 2019

Publisher: Fox Spirit Books

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