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Book Review – Tears of Fire by Gordon Bickerstaff @GFBickerstaff @BOTBSPublicity #BookReview #BlogTour #thriller

Many thanks to Sarah and BOTBS Publicity for my spot on this Blog Tour.

Having not read a political thriller in years, I took a chance on this book. And boy!! I wish I could write a review with a single line.

This wasn’t just a normal thriller but an action a second kind oflf rip-roaring action movie.

The author Gordon Bickerstaff had written every line with a pen dipped in adrenaline. There was nary a moment of peace or a scene where the characters rested. I hadn’t read the previous books, so I had no idea how this group was formed, just a basic annexe about the group and characters. But this blew me away in the parts I understood. Previous books ought to be read to love the characters.

In this story, Zoe was sentenced to death, and she had to get help from her CIA buddies and go in hiding. Gavin too was embroiled in a plot when serial killers turned on his family, and he needed Zoe’s help. Zoe was torn apart, in a dilemma. She wanted to help Gavin too and find a way out of all this. It was an absolute minefield. Every wrong step would lead to their deaths.

I loved the fact that Zoe was the lead in the story, and Gavin was the one who had inadvertently revealed her secret and needed her help. So the stakes were doubly high. I loved seeing her take charge and strategize. She was ably supported by Joss, their interactions were sweet and humorous.

The plot had a lot, I mean, a lot of twists and action, relentless in its story telling and never letting up in its suspense. Whew!! I didnt know what the characters felt, I was completely drained out at the end. It was a fabulous action thriller, just like a movie!!

I received a free digital copy from Sarah and the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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He loves reading, writing and reviewing thrillers, mystery, suspense.

Two serial killers have been getting away with murder for years. For them, it’s a well-paid hobby while they bide their time. It’s about to stop when everything slots into place for them to leap to the next level. Payback for the people who killed their parents.

Lambeth Group investigator, Gavin Shawlens, is on their trail. But all is not as it seems and he is pushed way out of his depth when the killers turn on his family. Gavin’s Lambeth Group partner, Zoe Tampsin, is cut off from him and fighting her own battle to stay alive.

They need to connect but Zoe will face an impossible choice. Stop the killers before they pull off the most audacious murder that will shock the world and change it forever. Or, rescue Gavin’s family from the jaws of evil.

Publication Date: 13th June 2018

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