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Book Review – Gone by Leona Deakin @LeonaDeakin1 @TransworldBooks @annecater #BookReview #BlogTour #suspense

Many thanks to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for my spot on this Blog Tour.

This book had everything that captured my heart as a thriller. I love books which can make my pulse speed up knowing that the entire story was a race against time.

4 people disappeared on their birthday, and Dr. Augusta Bloom and her partner Marcus were soon embroiled into this mystery. The only clue they had was an invitation to the game. An online game played by dangerous people started by dangerous ones.

My first book by author Leona Deakin, and what a ride it was, balanced perfectly with its twists. Augusta Bloom was an enigma, I loved how the layers of her characteristics were revealed slowly. I thought there were many which were hidden deeper in her psyche. Her brain and her capacity to read people intrigued me the post, and they were the best tools against the people playing the game.

The book had tinges of the Blue Whale game which became popular some time ago. I would have loved if the story had delved more into its darkness, but it kept to the safer side. The writing kept its pace steady where all the threads were nearly tied at the end with a few shockers.

The story was addictive to say the least, and the characters hidden, and nothing thrilled me more than to know this was the first in a series. I had three words. Bring. It. On.

I bought the digital version of the book from an online store, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Four strangers are missing. Left at their last-known locations are birthday cards that read:


The police aren’t worried – it’s just a game. But the families are frantic. As psychologist and private detective Dr Augusta Bloom delves into the lives of the missing people, she finds something that binds them all.

And that something makes them very dangerous indeed.

As more disappearances are reported and new birthday cards uncovered, Dr Bloom races to unravel the mystery and find the missing people.

But what if, this time, they are the ones she should fear?

Publication Date: December 2019

Publisher: Transworld

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