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Book Review – It Started With A Giggle by Kirsty Ferry @kirsty_ferry @ChocLituk #BookReview #BookBlogger #contemporary

A sweet cutesy story, perfect between thrillers.

Single mom, Liza met an attractive man Scott on a night out and spoke about her dreams of a perfect place to open her ‘arty-crafty-booky’ shop. Unfortunately, that was the same shop that Scott liked for his interior design. Would a new dream start between them?

My first book by author Kirsty Ferry, I loved the meet-cute of the main characters. Both had dreams flying high and were willing to fight for them. Then came an unusual solution between the two, and an uneasy truce emerged between them.

The book had unusual cupids with his sister Nessa and her daughter Isa and fluffy cat Schubert who made the story so every interesting. In fact, their banter and conversations were quite amusing.

With their dual POVs, the author’s writing had me smiling many a time. I loved the warm and fun vibe the book had in the entire prose. Kirsty Ferry is a lovely writer whose writing was quite refreshing. A fun read.

I received a free ARC from the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Sometimes the best things start in the strangest ways …. with a giggle!

On a night out in Edinburgh, single mum Liza-Belle Graham finds herself revealing her hopes and dreams to a green-eyed stranger. Liza always wanted to run an “arty-crafty-booky” business, and she’s seen the perfect empty shop to make her dreams a reality. No harm in telling the stranger. It’s not like she’ll see him again …

But Scott McCreadie is no mystery man – he’s an interior designer looking for new premises. And who does Liza bump into when she arranges a viewing? None other than Scott trying to steal her perfect shop!

Is Liza’s arty-crafty-booky dream in jeopardy, or is a new dream about to begin

Publication Date: 21st January 2020

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