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Book Review – When The Time Comes by Adele O’Neil @Aria_Fiction #BookReview #BlogTour #suspense

Many thanks to Victoria Joss and publisher Aria for my spot on this Blog Tour.

This was supposed to be a police procedural, but it was more of a family and legal drama. I enjoyed reading it as it explored the gray area of medicine and assisted suicide

Jennifer had motor neuron disease, wanted to die with dignity, and was fighting for euthanasia. She asked her ex-husband Liam to move back home for the sake of the kids so that they had a parent to go to once her time approached. But the next night, she was found dead by Liam with a needle puncture in her arm and a syringe by the side of the bed. Liam was arrested for murder.

My first book by author Adele O’Neill, the premise was fantastic. I loved the constant flipping of mind regarding the husband. He was not very likable in the entire book. The writing was choppy and the timelines haywire, but it was a complex situation which was depicted well. Though there was not much of investigation, the author showed the backstory of almost all the characters.

I didn’t know it was book 3 in the series, for me, it worked well as a standalone as I got to listen to everyone’s viewpoint. Some of them were quite emotional to read about. The characters were developed well, though I never warmed up to Liam and his girlfriend Alex, I felt the most for daughter Abbie. She was the best in the book, vulnerable and most intelligent. The book turned because of her.

The plot was guessable, the court scenes made it interesting. It became a whodunit from there on. Overall, a fun book.

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

All my reviews can be read here

Her husband says it’s suicide. The police say it’s murder.
Liam Buckley was a married man with two teenage children when he moved out of the family home to start a new life with his lover. His wife Jennifer never forgave him, but now she needs him to come back: she’s been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and the kids can’t cope alone.

One day after Liam moves home, Jennifer is found dead. Liam thinks it’s suicide. But the police, led by DS Louise Kennedy, are convinced it’s murder.

Liam hires a retired detective to help prove his innocence, but it’s no easy task. The children are distraught, and Jennifer’s best friend, Sarah, is waging a campaign against Liam, determined to expose him for a liar and a cheat.

As secrets surface from the complex web of Buckley family life, DS Kennedy must decide. Did Jennifer Buckley end her own life, or did Liam take it from her? The answer, when it comes, will shock them all…

Publication Date: November 2019

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