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Book Review – The Girl You Gave Away by Jess Ryder @jessryderauthor @bookouture #BookReview #BooksOnTour #suspense

Many thanks to publisher Bookouture for my spot on this Blog Tour.


This book had all the subplots of a thriller with attempted murder, kidnapping, revenge, false identity, secrets, lies, infidelity, teenage pregnancy, blackmail. I was quite taken aback at the roller coaster that these subplots converted the book into. I had fun with it.

Being on strict bed rest due to illness, I needed something to distract me from the aches and pains. And Jess Ryder helped me forget all that. I enjoyed the absolute change in direction this book would take in every chapter. I even wanted to tell the characters not to bother fighting with what Ms. Ryder had in store. Let it happen. And it did.

Erin became pregnant at 14 and had a daughter at 15 who was given up for adoption. Cut to 20 years hence, she had a loving husband and children. On her 40th birthday, a hand written noted arrived on her doorstep from the girl she gave away. About whom the new family especially the husband knew nothing about. The games began.

I have read nearly all of this author’s books, and each one was fun. This too rocked me with the different directions it pulled me into. I didn’t like any of the characters but felt sadistic pleasure at the way they treated each other. OK some part of me was horrified too. The masks worn by the righteous were removed at the right time which shocked me completely. I too wanted to kick asses. Literally.

The book distracted me, was easy to understand, even with different characters, I never had a problem keeping them in track. The writing was choppy as it needed to be, the dark psyche of all the characters was shown. I don’t think the author favored any. Let me think if there was a kid in the book…. Hmm nah nada… The only time anyone was innocent in this book was at birth…

Some parts of it, especially Erin with her best friends Holly and Asha felt like Desperate Housewives but more wicked. So I liked the games, I liked the book. Fun times.

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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All she wanted was the life they had…

Erin never stopped loving the daughter she gave up for adoption. But she was so young – she felt sure her child would have a better future without her.

She has worked hard to create a new life, and couldn’t be more grateful for her husband Tom and kids Ollie and Chloe. She has always been determined to protect them from the darkness in her past. But at her fortieth birthday party, surrounded by friends and family, everything changes with the arrival of a little red envelope.

The letter in the envelope is signed ‘the girl you gave away’. Jade is a vulnerable young woman who has grown up in care. She wants to meet her mother, get to know her siblings, and be part of Erin’s wonderful, happy family.

Erin wants to accept Jade but she makes her feel uneasy – even a little scared. Jade is unpredictable. She’s getting too close to Chloe. Friends say she’s paranoid but Erin knows something is wrong.

Is Jade really who she says she is?
What does she want?
And what if she doesn’t get her way?

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  1. Your reviews are always so much fun. You must have been gleefully in your element with all those naughty characters who sound like the types of villains we all love to hate.


    • Oh DJ they were all so mean
      .. Kinda like desperate housewives… 😂 😂 I used love that series until it dragged a bit too much… But still it was fun…


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