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Book Review – Daughters of Wild Rose Bay by Susanne O’Leary @bookouture #BookReview #BooksOnTour #contemporary

Many thanks to publisher Bookouture for my spot on this Blog Tour.

A beautiful love story where an ancient love brought two friends together. It was in the Wild Rose Bay that Jasmine made a strong connection with her mother Sally.

Susanne O’Leary’s books always make me happy. The cover was so beautiful, it made me want to jump into the book and never come out. The author too had etched the characters with a loving hand, reality was seeped into the prose, but there was something rosy and warm about them.

It was wonderful to see Jasmine emerge out of her shell after losing her confidence in an unfortunate event. The story moved at a steady pace with the history of another love story of the bygone times making its way to the present to connect Jasmine with her best friend Aiden. Love too made an appearance in her life, and it was quite a surprise.

The characters bonded well with me, stress disappeared while reading this book. Overall, it was an easy-breezy read with endearing emotions and lifelong friendships.

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Jasmine Delon feels completely lost: having just broken up with the man she thought was the love of her life, all she knows is that she can’t face living alone in her empty apartment in Paris.

When she turns up at her mother’s curiosity shop, nestled in Sandy Cove in Ireland, she hopes time with Sally will help heal her broken heart. Walks along the rugged coastline and nights under endless stars immediately make her feel at peace, and then she meets Aiden, a handsome chef in town, and sparks fly between them.

But a lot has changed since Jasmine last saw her mother. Sally is happier than ever with a charming new man in her life and Jasmine’s not sure where she fits in. Then she’s told about the ruins of an old village in a place nearby called Wild Rose Bay. The locals say it holds secrets about her mother’s side of the family…

Is delving into their history the thing that can bring Jasmine and Sally back together or will it drive them further apart? And is Jasmine brave enough to give in to the call of the Irish sea for another chance at love?

Publication Date: April 2020

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