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Book Review – Vanishing Point by Vanessa Robertson @Ness_Robertson @LoveBooksGroup #BookReview #BlogTour #thriller

Many thanks to Kelly and Love Books Tours for my spot on this Book Blitz.

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An appetizer for good things to come. This was my introduction to Kate Carpenter and her nerves of steel.

My first book by author Vanessa Robertson, I quite enjoyed reading this. At 79 pages, it managed to pack a good deal of information. The main character, Kate Carpenter, was quite intriguing. Art recovery was her profession, and in the process, it was wonderful to see her recovering her confidence after it took an awful battering. Pun not intended.

I loved her moments of vulnerability along with sheer bravado. My eyes were stuck to her in the entire story. Hints of romance added to the hope of a new future. Overall a fun read. I thought Kate would become a strong voice in the next few books.

I received a free ARC from Kelly and the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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A stolen painting.

A high stakes recovery operation.

A game of nerve.

Art advisor Kate Carpenter has an off-the-books sideline in art recovery, dealing with thieves and gangsters to reunite valuable artworks with their owners. But this time she’s taking it up a notch. Only a day after her ex-boyfriend was convicted of assaulting her, she’s off to Belarus on the trail of a priceless van Gogh with a posse of ex-soldiers riding shotgun. Right now, the buzz of securing the return of that painting is just what she needs.

Publication Date: April 2020

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