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Book Review – This Is How I Lied by Heather Gudenkauf @hgudenkauf @HarlequinBooks #BookReview #BlogTour #suspense

Many thanks to publisher Harlequin Books for my spot on this Blog Tour.

Wow!! Gripping, nail-biting thriller filled with suspense and unexpected reveals!!

A brilliant storyteller was author Heather Gudenkauf who could keep me enveloped in the suspense which dogged every step of the investigating cop. The author brought me to the comfort of a routine police procedural until she pulled the rug from underneath me with a twist.

Eve died twenty years ago… A cold case was she until the file was given to best friend and cop Maggie after the discovery of a shoe. DNA evidence was to be sent for and new truths would come to light. Murder solved, you would think!!

Ah no!! The author decided that the journey to the truth would be filled with perils where strange truth and dark psyche of the people around the dead girl came to light. A lot of emotions ravaged me, foremost was pathos for the child Eve who had been betrayed by everyone before she died.

Shadowed roads were shown to me where the light and darkness weaved in turns. I never knew how a particular scene would play out. All I could think at the end was – Gosh, this town surely was toxic… And each grappled with the need for power.

The atmosphere was kept just right, suspenseful most times, then desperation, helplessness, I couldn’t help but drift along them. I was alone in the sea of emotions until the author brought the story to a dramatic finish with the final reveal. Whew!! What a ride.

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Everyone has a secret they’ll do anything to hide…

Twenty-five years ago, the body of sixteen-year-old Eve Knox was found in the caves near her home in small-town Grotto, Iowa—discovered by her best friend, Maggie, and her sister, Nola. There were a handful of suspects, including her boyfriend, Nick, but without sufficient evidence the case ultimately went cold.

For decades Maggie was haunted by Eve’s death and that horrible night. Now a detective in Grotto, and seven months pregnant, she is thrust back into the past when a new piece of evidence surfaces and the case is reopened. As Maggie investigates and reexamines the clues, secrets about what really happened begin to emerge. But someone in town knows more than they’re letting on, and they’ll stop at nothing to keep the truth buried deep.

Publication Date: May 2020

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  1. I loved this one too!!!! The title alone kept me reading the book trying to figure out who the heck was lying!


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