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BoAt Rockerz 400 One-Armed Bluetooth headphones 

My review

Appearance and looks

At a glance, the headphones appear sophisticated and classy. They are easy to use, and I could use them almost at once on the go. 

This is the first time I have bought headphones from this company, though I have bought phone chargers from the same company and they have not disappointed me. 

With one year warranty, with comfortable design, this headphones is one of my better investments of 2017. It is lightweight, compact and can be kept in my purse. They are adjustable too. I have been using them for a month or so and they seem to function smoothly. 


Its noise cancellation function is heaven, when I want some blessed peace from the cacophony of this world to immerse myself in my literary world. I have used this headphone to listen to my books too. And that is an added bonus. 

Listening to music is a personal time for me, and I do not like disturbing others at home. So these are a boon to my family. I have listened to both rock and soft romantic songs, and both seem to come across mighty fine. I loved listening to my favorite song pani da rang on this and believe me, it brought forth beautiful, cherished memories. 

I wanted my friend to check these earphones playing his loud, extremely loud music, and he confirms that the sound is absolutely magic. I could make out both from the beatific expression on his face and the fact that these headphones are still with him. 


Having dual mode of both wireless and wired, I do not have to hold the phone, but just be within the range of the Bluetooth, which is supposed to be 10 metres for this. But honestly speaking, I have not tested the range,  as I like looking at my phone at regular intervals. The battery is supposed to work for 8 hours but I find it working for longer than that as I don’t use it at a time for an hour or so. 

And I can also plug in the wire when I find the battery depleting, so that works well for me. The cable for connecting the headphones to the phone, is included in the box, so I didn’t have to spend money or time to find a compatible cable. A normal micro-USB charger can otherwise be use to charge these headphones. 

The controls are given at the ear end near the cup so with simple click of buttons, I could change tracks, change volume, answer a call without searching haphazardly. They are some neat functions. 

The boAt Rockerz headphones also come in different colours but I wanted an understated non flashy look, so I went in for the black one. 


There are a few niggles; they require a 3.5mm audio jack and some of the newer phones are doing away with the audio jacks. Microphone is not of a good quality for calls, not too clear. On longer use, it becomes slightly uncomfortable. I do not use these headphones for longer than an hour, that is the outer limit for me. Though some have complained about a heating up issue, I haven’t found that with mine. 

For the money paid, this product is extremely value for money. 

My rating : 4 stars 

Price : 1775 INR on Amazon 

Available on Amazon and Flipkart

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