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Wild Moda Shoulder Bags

I have been going through a bit of a slump of sorts (though I have been reading a lot of novels)…. So to perk me up, I decided to venture out into my next favourite thing: shopping…. But economical shopping… Bargains and sales… 

As I proceed down my life, I decided to search for economical goodies, stuff which catch my eye, which I buy, and which I use. So in order to meld the shopoholism (if there is such a word, if not, consider it coined by me, right here, right now) along with budget, I travel alone down the shopping lanes, in search of practical, economic bargains/ sales in the online portals of India…

Here I go. 

My first purchase of New year…

Wild Moda Shoulder Bag 

My review

To celebrate Christmas, birthday and New Year, I went searching down the roads of Amazon and Flipkart, in search of a bag, which is spacious, light weight and trendy. And whose quality is checked and assured. 

And to my delight, I found one right at the end of my patience’s end, Wild Moda shoulder bag. 

Looks and appearance

Initially, I was apprehensive about the light, lemony color I had chosen. I didn’t want it to be too fluorescent, but it was perfect. The yellow handles provide a dash of colour to the grey bag and makes it look trendy. 


I wanted a bag which is not heavy by itself per se, I carry my world in my bag, so I wanted something which would give my shoulders a break. This bag is made of smooth polyester, which is washable too. And absolutely light weight. The handles are lightly padded for comfort. 


Approximately 13 × 15 inches in dimensions, it would work well with my height and being made of a floppy material, the width is expandable. The handle length is such that the top of the bag rests a hand’s breath below my shoulder, so the bag is nicely tucked in and secure while traveling. An important factor for me; where there are a lot of nimble fingers, I have found myself without a wallet, while using public transport. 

Compartments and pockets

I generally carry a lot of knickknacks from phones, kindle, wallet, medicine pouch, pens, stethoscope, sometimes a small textbook too. So, I need a bag which can carry all this and which I can organise in such a way, that in moments of need, I know exactly where my stuff is. So for that, I need lotsa pockets. 

This bag doesn’t disappoint, there are 2 compartments, one has an inner zippered pocket, for the cards and keys. There is an outer zippered pocket for phone. And 2 pockets on either side. So that makes it 6. Quite enough to satisfy the organiser in me.. (note to me.. Need to buy a real organiser too) 

First Impression 

The shoulder bag looks good, seems trendy without going overboard, available in different colors, light in weight with compartments and pockets, and is light on the wallet too. 

My rating : 5 stars

Price : 629 INR from Flipkart

Available on Amazon and Flipkart

The post and the will be updated after a month of use. 


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31 thoughts on “Wild Moda Shoulder Bags Leave a comment

    • Thank you so much… I love shopping, but in the past year with so many problems, I had forgotten my second love, shopping. So I am back to it, but economical bargains to satisfy the shopaholic heart and the thin wallet… 😉😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dear Shalini, Thank you so much for your honest reviews about #WILDMODA Bags. It gives us more satisfaction when someone like you is reviewed our product in detail which even we did not. A big thank you mam…Keep shopping WildModa Bags, we will improve ourselves in each coming days. Thanks a lot.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Aaah that is so nice to have you say that. I have bought 3 of your bags…. No idea how you found my blog… I hope to review more. Let me know if you want to collaborate for future products, I would love to write a review for your products.


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