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Blog Tour – Day 3

The Blog Tour for One Very Odd Teacher is well underway, so here is another of Robbie Yates’s signature poems to introduce today’s bloggers:

Robbie’s Poem:

The tour today commences at The Book Decoder‘s site

The Vagabond will also post; this makes my heart feel light.

For bloggers reading indie works have hearts made out of gold;

Reviews of any sort are great: the kind, the tough, the bold.

The next stop on the blog tour is over at Bookworm’s View

Another lover of the written word, like me and you.

Berit is the last stop today, and will be worth a read:

Another avid reader, with reviews quite fine indeed!

Get your own copy of One Very Odd Teacher in eBook or paperback at Amazon. You can also learn more about Robbie by visiting him at his blog.

Authors: click here to learn more about Digital Reads Blog Tours!

My review from Day 1

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  1. Shalini… I keep thinking every day of this blog tour is an outlier in its excitement… and then the next day comes, with just as much excitement, and I realise I was wrong… THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

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