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Blog Tour – In Conversation with Adam #characterinterview @robbie_b_yates

Welcome to my blog Adam, so wonderful to have an intelligent and enterprising young man with me.

Thanks! I’m excited to be here!

1. Tell me something about yourself, Adam?

Something about me? Hmm. I like drawing—a lot. Unfortunately for me, my teacher, Mrs Murphy, makes us all use a specific brand of markers—TrooCo markers—which are about as useful as a waterproof towel.

2. How did you and Jennifer become friends? Do you remember your first day?

She came right up to me and asked “Will you be my friend?” in that simple kindergartener way. I said “Yes,” and we headed for the sandpit. The rest is history!

3. You are the hero of your school. How do you feel about the accolades and praises heaped on you?

I’m not a hero at all—Jennifer and I just did what we had to do. Mom and Dad were pretty proud, though—and I can honestly say I haven’t been called back to the Principal’s office for months!

4. Have you become better in math? Or is that a subject still Topsy turvy for you?

It’s still as hard as ever. Well, it’s a little bit easier, because there are no annoying humming noises during tests anymore!

5. Any plans to become an investigator when you grow up. You do have the brains for it.

Maybe. I’d need my trusty sidekick, Jennifer, to come too—after all, I think she’s the brains behind most of what we did in the book!

6. How did Robbie treat you during the entire journey of drafting to publishing?

Ah. He wasn’t too bad. Although, in an earlier draft, I got to eat one of the sausages from Helmut’s delicious German barbecue, and Robbie took that bit out—I have to tell him he owes me some currywurst!

7. Do you want a book series to be written with you as a lead?

That would be fun—but at the same time, I’ve had a lot of excitement lately. Maybe in a year or so when things have settled down, and school is normal again, if you know what I mean!

8. Now that Robbie cannot edit or delete you, would you like to share your true thoughts about him?

Ooh. Yes. He needs to stop drinking so much coffee. Sometimes he writes overexcited scenes which he has to come back and tone down later. Robbie—you should be drinking green tea or something, man!

That was Adam for you. I am so in love with him!!

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  1. Too much coffee!?! Adam, you gotta be kidding me. You know you might not exist if I didn’t drink so much coffee, right?? 😂😂😂

    Great questions, Shalini – except for Number 8. Adam doesn’t need encouragement to be cheeky 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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